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It’s true-time flies so quickly. Even if you are a planner queen, time can zip by as you focus on your family, job, significant others, and if you are lucky, fitting in some quiet me-time. Sometimes hectic schedule can cause us to forego our healthy lifestyle. And if you aren’t putting attention to your body, you can easily get off track with your weight. Weight gain happens slowly, so if you are too busy you may never notice it. You will just wake up one morning and barely recognize yourself in the mirror. To remove any guesswork and make your life easier, here are 6 warning signs and symptoms to let you know you need to lose weight.

6 Warning signs you need to lose weight

  1. It’s painful to get from point A to point B

Walking from the house to your car or climbing the stairs seems impossible as days go by. This could be a sign that excess weight is taking a toll on your joints. Excess weight can put pressure not only on your joints but also on your knees, hips, and back. The heavier you will be, the more it will hurt.

  1. You’ve gained a significant amount of weight

Weight gain as you aged is normal. However, if you are putting five to ten pounds each year, that’s a different story. All the gained weight will add up over time and the accumulative effects could lead to obesity and more serious health issues. If you can see this sign, then it’s time to do something. Work out, go on a diet. Choose one that is proven and tested to be safe and effective like HCG injections.

  1. You easily get tired

Have you ever felt fatigued just by standing for a couple of minutes or perhaps walking for a short distance? Weight gain is the stating obvious. Because of weight gain, your body cannot function properly, and you easily get tired.

  1. You have high blood pressure and high cholesterol level

Your doctor says you have high cholesterol and high blood pressure level. With the HCG diet, you lost weight. Along with losing weight, you will also gain a healthier lifestyle.

  1. You are pre-diabetic

Another obvious sign that you are gaining weight is you are pre-diabetic. The excess fat can affect your body organs like your pancreas and liver. You can reverse this condition by losing weight. You can achieve this by choosing a weight loss plan such as the HCG diet. With HCG injections, you can lose around a pound each day and be able to keep the weight off even after the diet.

  1. You snore while you sleep

Usually, when you gain weight, you snore. Snoring, especially the loud ones, is a symptom of sleep apnea. Weight gain can lead to sleep apnea, a condition that stops your breathing while you sleep. Sleep apnea can cause weight gain and weight gain can cause sleep apnea and so on. This cycle becomes hard to break as time goes by. When you gain weight, the gain is everywhere, including your neck. Excess weight on your neck can narrow your airways when you lie down.

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