Can I Exercise During HCG Diet Phase 2?

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You can exercise during HCG Diet Phase 2, but do not overdo it. During phase 2 of the HCG diet, intense or heavy exercise can stall your weight loss journey. 

Feel free to exercise, move, and stretch during the HCG Diet Phase 2. After you transition to the HCG Diet Phase 3, you may wish to begin or resume higher intensity sculpting and toning exercises, and cardiovascular and sports activities. 

What is HCG Diet Phase 2?

This is where the diet gets going, and where you are going to lose the most weight. These are days 3 to 30. You continue doing your HCG injection daily at this point. Your diet is reduced to 500 calories daily. The diet is a very clean eating diet, and some foods are not included in the diet, such as oils and sugars. 

This is a chance for you to detox and eat clean, whole foods. You will see what it’s like to feed your body with foods that are healthy and realize how much better you feel. Sometimes you don’t even realize how bad you feel until you start to feel better. 

HCG Diet Phase 2

Recommended Exercise during HCG Diet Phase 2

1. Walking

Getting out in nature and taking a walk can do a world of good for you on the HCG Phase 2. Keep your pace moderate and relaxed. No power walking on this phase. Breathe deep and enjoy the day. You may even like to do some visualization exercises for your new body as you walk.

2. Rebounding 

Rebounding is a super easy exercise that can get the blood flowing and oxygen to your cells. You can purchase an inexpensive rebounder in any sporting goods store. When on the HCG Phase 2, you don’t want to overdo it but getting on the rebounder for a few minutes periodically throughout the day can be very beneficial.

3. Light Yoga and Stretching 

Light Yoga and stretching exercises can help you maintain core strength and flexibility. Do not overexert yourself. Choose stretches, positions, and balance postures that keep you strong and flexible but don’t work up a sweat and take breaks frequently. 

Exercise is allowed on the HCG diet, but is not mandatory and should be done with caution. If you are new to the HCG diet and are eating very few calories per day, you should listen to your body closely and avoid over-exerting it. Before beginning any new exercise routine, let your body adjust to the new diet.

Even if you are accustomed to exercising, try reducing the intensity or shortening your workouts, especially in Phase 2, to ensure your body has time to recover. Find out if combining the HCG diet with exercise will help you lose weight.

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