Cooking Habits that Delay Your Weight Loss

Cooking Habits that Delay Your Weight Loss

In the HCG diet, there are cooking habits that delay your weight loss. Sometimes, your day-to-day routine makes your HCG shots work slower than they should. The most crucial factor in your diet is how you prepare your meals. Unknowingly, traditional cooking methods employ too many preservatives and flavorings. Naturally, the end products you will be consuming will be packed with fat, sugar, and calories.

Cooking Habits That May Sabotage Your Weight Loss Journey 

Here are some cooking habits that sabotage your HCG shots you may be guilty of:

1. Using Too Much Oil

Using HCG Diet

Butter and cooking oil may call for fat. Some recipes call for the exact amount of oil, but more often we just drizzle it until the oil coats the pan. However, it’s always a good idea to use a measuring spoon when drizzling oil. The best substitute is an ordinary tablespoon and swirls it around until your pan is coated. 

To break the habit of using too much oil, use nonstick cooking. When cooking, use healthier choices such as canola oil and olive oil because they are high in monounsaturated fats.

2. Measure Ingredients By The Eye

As most of us do not have the right measuring equipment or are too lazy to get a measuring cup or a spoon, we measure ingredients by eye. A meal can contain more calories if you underestimate ingredients rich in calories, such as pasta, oil, and meat. 

3. Making Too Much Food

When you take HCG shots, you will usually feel full most of the time, which can modify your appetite. You are wasting both time and money by making too much food. Unless you can freeze leftovers, prepare recipes that you can consume in one sitting without overindulging. That way, you won’t be tempted to eat more than a serving.

4. Tasting Too Much

It is important to us that the food we eat and serve to our families is savory and delicious. While it might be easy to munch on some as we prepare our meal, this will also pack our bodies with excess calories.

To prevent this, don’t cook on an empty stomach. Before you prepare your ingredients, have a light snack to reduce the temptation to pick at them.

5. Using Ready-Made Sauces

While they are convenient when we want to cook dinner for the family on a busy weekday, ready-made sauces are packed with artificial flavoring and preservatives which may contribute to achieving a healthy weight. Break the habit by planning and cooking your meals ahead. By keeping your pantry stocked with fresh ingredients, you won’t have to resort to using ready-made sauces. 

6. Sticking To The Same Menu

Sticking to the same meals every day limits the population of good bacteria living in our digestive system. Those bacteria are vital in weight loss as they are accountable for controlling hunger, fullness, and blood sugar levels.

You can achieve a healthier weight by changing your eating habits. Diets can be made or broken by how you prepare your meals and what you put in them. As processed food is prevalent in the food market today, you should prepare your meals at home with fresh ingredients. This way, you have control over what types of flavors and serving sizes you will consume. 

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Cooking Habits that Delay Your Weight Loss