Enjoying Thanksgiving While on HCG Diet

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The holidays are here and foods are also everywhere. It can be a challenging time to take on the HCG Diet Protocol or any program as it is centered around food.  This is a time to put determination to the test and to see what you can do at a social gathering without making food your priority.  

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Tips to Enjoy Thanksgiving While on HCG Diet

  1. Plan ahead. Know the schedule of your celebrations and parties to ensure your mind is set for the event. If you are going somewhere to attend parties, bring a small snack with you so that you will have something to eat. It will help you avoid risking your diet and eating excess calories.
  2. Distract yourself. If things get rough and uncontrollable, seek ways to shift your attention from eating. Try to spend time with your family, open some small talk, or help clean the kitchen. After all, the holidays are about sharing love and giving thanks to the people around you. 
  3. Get active in the morning. Incorporate an exercise routine in the morning to ensure you release excess calories. It also suppresses your appetite, so you can eat fewer meals during dinner. Physical activities can put a healthy frame on your body and boost your mind. 
  4. Prepare Vegetable-based dishes. Salads, raw veggies, and steamed vegetables are better selections when you are on a diet. When you attend celebrations and parties, avoid digging into unhealthy treats. Grab a small plate and fill it with a vegetable salad with low-fat dressing.
  5. Opt for healthier desserts. Avoid digging into a slice of cake because it has loads of calories that will ruin your diet. Opt for fresh fruits and sugar-free whip. Low-calorie desserts are permissible in moderation. When you resort to unhealthy treats, you are more likely to cause metabolic imbalances. 
  6. Focus on your goals. lose sight of your goals. Stay focused on your goal because if you slip, it will slow down or stop your progress. To fix a weight loss stall, ensure to follow the HCG diet protocol and wait until your body recovers and start losing weight.
  7. Get support from your team or family. Let the people around you, especially the ones you often spend meal time with that you are on a diet and you need their support. This is very important during the holidays to remind you of your weight loss goal.
  8. Go for the special treats. Your last option is to avoid eating appetizers and other recipes. You can wait a little bit for the seasonal dish and dig into it. Ensure that you get the proper portion to control your calorie intake. 
  9. Avoid sugary beverages. Soda, alcohol, wine, and juice are not permissible because they can cause weight gain. Avoid chugging on unhealthy treats to prevent the deposition of fats in your body. 

Starting HCG Diet On Thanksgiving

If you fully understand the premises of the weight loss program, you can certainly start your diet regardless if it is thanksgiving. However, ensure to talk to your doctor or dietician especially if you have maintenance medication or health problems.

Luckily, phase 1 of the HCG diet requires you to eat as much food as you can, especially fats. It only means that you can eat whatever you are preparing for the Thanksgiving celebration without any guilt. However, if you are on phase 2 and you want to take a break or interruption, ensure to plan ahead. 

How to Take a Planned Break on the HCG Diet?

Here’s a quick rundown of how to complete an HCG Diet planned break.

  1. Stop taking the HCG shots
  2. For the next three days, eat the same HCG Phase 2 food list.
  3. During the break, eat high protein, low carb meals. A planned interruption can last up to 10 days. So, decide ahead when are you going back on the protocol. 
  4. After the planned break, start taking your HCG injections again and follow the low-calorie protocol. 
  5. If you want to get long-term metabolic reset and weight loss outcomes, you need follow the HCG Diet for 21 consecutive days without cheating, either before or after a planned break.

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