Gaining Weight After the HCG Diet?

Gaining Weight After the HCG Diet?

So, you’ve lost weight on the hcg diet, and now you’ve gained everything back? The likelihood of regaining the weight whether you are doing the low-carb, Keto, Atkins, or the HCG diet is pretty much the same.

It’s possible that you can gain the weight back after dieting, but chances are you may gain more quickly and easily when you do other diet protocols. If you are planning on embarking on a diet journey, do not let the fear of weight regain deter you from starting a diet.

Reasons why you gain weight after the HCG Diet

Many dieters start right back up. Sometimes, it takes a month or sometimes longer. If this has happened to you, perhaps it’s the right time to assess things and figure out what went wrong. Below are the top errors that could lead to weight gain.

  • You are eating too often:

Eating too often, and not to mention too many calories, will make you gain weight. Taking more calories than you burn each day will make you gain weight. Space your meals appropriately, at least 5 to 6 hours in between meals, 12 to 14 hours from dinner to your first meal on the next day. Don’t forget-NO to evening snacks or whatsoever.

  • You are eating the wrong stuff:

This is the second to the most common error that leads to weight gain. What you eat, when you eat, and how much you eat matter. What you eat is our second most common error that causes weight gain. Beware of the following:

  • High carb foods
  • High-sugar foods
  • Unhealthy, fatty foods
  • Processed foods

Consuming sugar and starch-rich foods would undermine your progress regardless of how many grams per day you consume. Sugar, for example, will not only make you gain weight unintentionally but will also increase your risk from chronic health conditions like diabetes and heart diseases. Process foods that are loaded with all the bad stuff link to weight gain.

  • You have a sedentary life:

Physical inactivity is a very common contributor to weight gain after a diet. Research has found that dieters who spend too much time on screen can unintentionally gain weight. What to do? Makes small adjustment. Take a walk after a meal instead of watching television. Workout-enroll in a gym or if you don’t have enough time to do that, you can invest in a standing or treadmill desk. You may also ride your bike to counter weight gain.

Here’s how to keep the weight off after the HCG Diet

If you have been using HCG injections or are on it, there are ways to improve your weight loss and create healthy, lasting results.

  1. Have a weight-loss maintenance plan. Low-carb and Keto diet are just some weight loss maintenance plans to help you maintain your weight long-term. You don’t have to engage in a low-carb or Keto diet all the time, but do them occasionally or whenever your weight goes above your set point.
  2. Make healthy changes to your diet. HCG Injections is designed to let you lose weight and teach you healthy eating habits to help you keep your weight long-term. Eat whole natural foods, drink plenty of water, choose fruits and vegetables over processed foods and do not skip your breakfast. These are just some of the healthy changes you need to make to your diet.

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