Diet Plan for Gout

A gout diet may help reduce uric acid levels in the blood. A gout diet isn’t a cure, but it may lower the risk of recurring gout attacks and slow the progression of joint damage. People with gout who follow a gout diet generally still need medications to manage pain and lower levels of uric acid. 

A gout diet is intended to help you:

  • Include some foods that can control uric acid levels
  • Avoid some, but not all, foods with purines
  • Achieve a healthy weight and good eating habits

What is Gout?

Gout is a painful form of arthritis that occurs when high levels of uric acid in the blood cause crystals to form and accumulate in the joint. Uric acid is made when the body breaks down a chemical known as purine. Purine occurs naturally in your body, but it is also found in certain foods. Uric acid is removed from the body in urine. 

Permissible Diet Foods for Gout

The main principles of a gout diet follow typical healthy-diet recommendations such as:

  • Avoid fatty foods: Cut saturated fats from fatty poultry, red meat, and high-fat dairy products.
  • Proteins: Focus on poultry and lean meat, lentils, and low-fat dairy as sources of protein.
  • Complex carbs: Eat more vegetables, fruits, and whole grains that offer provide complex carbohydrates. Avoid beverages and foods with high-fructose corn syrup. Also, limit consumption of naturally sweet fruit juices.
  • Water: Stay well-hydrated by drinking water.

Weight loss

Obesity increases the risk of developing gout. Losing weight lowers the risk of gout. A study suggests that decreasing the number of calories and losing weight lower uric acid levels and lessen the times of gout attacks. Losing weight also lessens the overall stress on joints.

The HCG Diet 

A good gout diet will help you lose weight and maintain a healthy weight, which is important because being obese increases the risk of having frequent gout attacks. 

HCG Diet is a very low-calorie diet plan meant for weight loss and maintenance of the immune system in the body. The HCG diet is targeted towards losing weight by following a certain plan. The first phase of the HCG diet plan lasts between 26 and 43 days.

Using the HCG injections

HCG is administered along with a strict diet during this phase. Dietary loading and HCG injections are part of the first two days. On day 3, a 500-calorie diet is started which continues until the end of the phase. The HCG phase will end 3 days before the end of the phase so the 500-calorie diet can continue until the HCG is completely gone from the body.

Within the next three weeks, you will eat a regular diet, except you will avoid sugars and starches. The third phase involves adding sugars and starches slowly over 3 weeks. You can expect to lose 0.5 – 0.75 pounds/day for women or 0.65 – 1 pound/day for men if you follow strict guidelines.

A gout diet along with HCG will surely bring great results not only with your physical wellbeing but as well as your overall wellbeing. 

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Diet Plan for Gout