HCG Diet and Alcohol

One of the hardest things about dieting is losing access to your favorite stress reliever, whether it’s a bag of chocolates, ice cream, fried potato chips, or a cold beer after work. Even with the advanced weight loss power of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), drinking alcohol along with HCG is never a good idea.

By combining HCG drops with the HCG meal plan, it’s possible to lose 20 or even 30 pounds in a single month. Conversely, the HCG can’t do it alone, and things like wine, beer, and cocktails are one of the fastest ways to derail your progress.

Is Alcohol Allowed During HCG Phase 2?

HCG diet Phase 2 is hands down the most important of the three phases. This is where the principal weight loss befalls, made possible by an extended caloric decrease. With the help of HCG drops, the hunger pangs are much easier to deal with. Even better, you’re losing fat while the HCG works to maintain muscle.

The problem with alcohol is not just that it’s pretty high in calories, alcohol is also packed with carbs. It can be much harder to deal with those cravings throughout the day.

Weight Gain for Dringking alcohol

Alcohol Being an HCG Diet Killer

Alcoholic beverages are one of the top reasons that people go off the HCG diet plan. One beer may lead to another one, and perhaps another. Alcohol can reduce one’s inhibitions making it a direct threat to your daily caloric intake.

To put it basically, each beer you drink is not only going to put you over your calorie limit for the day, but will also make it much more likely that you will reach for pizza, pasta, or cookies when you should be sticking to your high protein plan.

How To Quit Drinking During HCG?

If you consume alcoholic beverages frequently, even in a temperate amount, losing them from your day can be a tough thing to pull off.

Here are some recommendations for making it a bit easier:

  • Distract yourself with a different activity. If you are used to having a beer or two when you get home, try a new activity like jogging, biking, or crafting.
  • Drink lots of water. Staying hydrated will make it less likely that you start craving that cold beer.
  • Remind yourself why you are doing HCG. Keep your weight loss goals at the forefront. Remind yourself that by sticking to the plan. 
  • Avoid tempting situations such as bars, pubs, and restaurants. These places can be difficult places for HCG dieters to be in. While you’re on Phase 2 of HCG, consider staying home and eating healthy.

Quitting things that you already used to do for a long time might be hard. Following HCG diet protocol can also be hard at first. Always keep in mind the results that you can gain, physically and in your overall health. 

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HCG Diet and Alcohol