HCG Diet for Teens

HCG Diet for Teens

The HCG Diet Plan is also permissible for obese teens ranging in age from 18 to 20 years. Most teens are mature and would follow an adult program. The reduction in carbs as seen with the 800-calorie HCG diet is well suited for teens. The modified HCG diet for teens must be limited to 21 days with a one-week break before restarting. Typical HCG diet phase 1 is removed and the plan starts with phase 2 which is modified for the teens.

Modified HCG Food Plan for Teens

Teenagers and older children need food from all food groups to keep their metabolisms active. At the same time, one should avoid eating fast food, hunger-producing foods, and skipping meals. You can easily follow this plan for 4 to 6 weeks, followed by a break.

Carbohydrates are limited in most diets. Carbs are added back as well as rye or whole wheat bread. For a few weeks, rice, potatoes, pasta, and sugars are still restricted. Most fruits are acceptable except for watermelon, tropical fruits like mangos, bananas, pineapples, and all dried fruits such as raisins, figs, prunes, apricots, dates, and cranberries.

Using HCG Diet
Break Fast Meal

HCG Diet Tips for Teens

1. Don’t Skip Breakfast

Every weight loss study has found that both adults and children struggling with their weight are more successful if they have something to eat for breakfast. It’s about metabolism and about control and making better choices later in the day.

2. Lunch Is the Small Meal of the Day

Most people naturally assume weight gain is due to snacking and poor food choices or portion sizes at dinner. Although this may be partly true, the mistakes made at lunch can far outweigh a few bad snacks or a large meal at dinner.

4. Dinner is the Big Meal of the Day

Dinner is the large meal of the day where the family sits down together. The protein and carb part of the dinner is where portion control counts. The biggest challenge to any meal of the day is fast food, because of its high-calorie content. Remember, portions are most important when eating beef, pork, and carbs. Avoid fast foods, fried foods, and large portions of meat. Choose baked, barbequed, or grilled entrees and not fried dishes.

5. Snacks Prevent Hunger and Feelings of Deprivation

Snacks can save your day. For this reason, you need to identify what are the best snacks to provide satisfaction and prevent hunger. Seek 100-calorie snack bags of crackers, cookies, chips, and 100-calorie portion-controlled ice cream-like bars, popcorn, light cheese, low-fat yogurt, or smoothies.

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