HCG Diet Phase 1

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HCG Diet Phase 1

HCG Diet has 3 phases. Each of them is extremely important. Each of them is extremely important. If you will fail to follow the guidelines in any of the phases, your results may be less effective. One of the most important phases is the “loading days”.

What is loading on the HCG Diet plan?

Phase 1 of the HCG Diet also known as the loading phase. It includes a 2-day stretch where you consumed calorie dense food to satisfaction. The purpose is to raise the stored fats in your body in preparation for the Phase 2. Phase 2 requires you to eat only 500 calories per day. That’s tough. You start taking HCG on this phase as well as the next phase.

Why Load on the HCG Diet?

P1 is VERY important because:

  1. Loading on HCG Diet helps prepare your body for what is ahead. It provides your body with sufficient calories. The stored fats can make your first couple of days on the very low-calorie diet or VLCD easier.
  2. Loading during P1 acts as a catalyst that will ensure you have enough blood leptin on your 3rd Loading helps the HCG attack the stored fats in your body. This will warrant your drastic drop to the 500-calorie protocol.
  3. Satisfy your cravings and food addiction during your transition period as a hcg dieter. Based on my observations, those who do not follow the 2 day loading period tend to have stronger food cravings. They also struggle during their first few days on P2.
  4. As opposed to the traditional way of loading, loading on low carb can make your first day on the VLCD much easier. This is because you won’t be having a sudden drop of carbs in your system which can make you feel hungrier during your VLCD.
  5. It helps replenish loss stored fats from previous dieting attempts.
  6. Loading helps stops the HCG Diet headache.

HCG Diet is proven to be very effective when done properly. If you will follow the hcg diet protocol correctly you can lose 1 -2 pounds a day. Within a month, you can be 30-60 pounds lighter and slimmer.

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