HCG Phase 1: The What and How’s of Loading

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Before going to the losing-weight part which is the phase 2 you need to go through HCG Phase 1 first. This phase is the loading phase. You actually eat more than the usual. And yes, you will gain weight. However, it will come off quickly.

How to load?

Loading is typically done for 2 days. But some people can load for 3 days. How you load while on HCG Diet as is important as loading itself.

First, select a day to begin. Choose a day that is NOT close to your period if you’re women.

Second, take HCG on day 1 of Phase 1 loading. Some HCG dieters make mistakes by taking their HCG on their 3rd day after loading. Remember, loading day starts when you start taking your HCG injections or your HCG drops.

What to eat?

You can eat whatever you want, however you want but it is still best for you to choose the foods correctly. Make sure the foods you will eat:

  1. Will satisfy your cravings
  2. Will satisfy your cheat factor
  3. Are fat calorie dense
  4. Supply your body with calories needed while you adjust to P2

For those who do not have any idea on where to begin, here are some good choices.

  • Fried chicken
  • Pizza
  • Macaroni and cheese
  • Hamburgers
  • Pork
  • chocolates

You can choose to load on low carbs too. But this is just an optional. You can load in the traditional way. Click here to know why– clean loading.

How much should I eat?

Everyone is different. There is no set amount of how much should you eat. It is suggested that you eat until you are satisfied and not stuffed. So go ahead and eat like there is no tomorrow.

If you are concern that you won’t be able to eat much during loading, shakes and smoothies are great options. Some dieters eat every two hours during their loading days. This seems to work well. The emphasis on is fats. But foods with lots of sugar and carbs are welcomed as well.

Lastly, weight yourself daily.

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HCG Phase 1: The What and How’s of Loading