How Not To Be Hungry On The HCG Diet?

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If you are curious about how to not be hungry on the HCG Diet, you are on the right track. For most HCG Diet patients, hunger and cravings are surprisingly not an issue. Being on the HCG Diet is being on the real hunger game which is an act of cutting calories to lose weight. 

Why Are You Always Hungry? 

Losing weight will inevitably lead to hunger as you decrease your calorie intake. Feeling hungry and just a little hungry are two different things. If eating too little makes you feel uncomfortable and irritable, you may not be eating enough. Eating less is indeed the most effective way to lose weight, but not eating enough is not only uncomfortable but also may not help you lose body fat in the long run.

Low-calorie diets often require drastic measures and fail to establish habits that will enable you to maintain your weight loss after weight loss. Dieting on a crash diet can negatively affect your mood, energy levels, and overall nutrition intake. Starving yourself is not the answer. Weight loss takes time and patience. You need to trust the process. If you go about it the right way, results will come. It is often the case that more gradual, sustainable progress lasts longer and is less painful overall.  

How to Control Hunger While On HCG Diet 

If you’re trying to lose weight fast, cutting calories may help, but there are several steps you can take to make your efforts feel a little more bearable and improve your success rate. Diet and lifestyle changes are the best way to achieve sustainable, healthy weight loss. It’s important to determine what changes most will benefit you.

1. Eat a Healthy Breakfast 

How often you eat is likely not as strong of a factor in determining weight loss as to how much you eat overall, but eating more of your calories earlier in the day may help curb appetite and improve your energy levels. 

2. Get More Protein Each Day 

Protein has not only been linked to improved appetite control in multiple studies, but it may have added weight loss benefits, especially with HCG.  

3. Load Up On Low Carb Veggies

Veggies tend to be high in nutrition and very low in calories. As they are so low in calories, loading up on veggies can help keep you satisfied and cut calories without having to sacrifice portion sizes.

4. Fill Up On High Fiber Foods

Fiber is digested more slowly and pulls water into your gut and which can help you feel fuller longer. 

5. Eat Less Added Sugar and Empty Calories 

Recognizing and removing empty calories from your diet is a great approach to weight management because it can let you create a calorie deficit without sacrificing the nutrition your body needs. 

6. Drink More Water

Try drinking a glass of water first before grabbing a bite to eat. Hunger can be a sign of early dehydration since it causes your body to use up stored energy more quickly. In other words, if you are mildly dehydrated and feeling hungry, drinking water could help calm your appetite. 

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