Is HCG Injection Safe for Weight Loss?

HCG Injections

HCG injection has been used for decades in the medical community-both in treating fertility issues and in weight loss. AND yes, it is SAFE for weight loss. It may not be approved by Food and Drug Administration for weight loss but the use of HCG injection has been medically prescribed for obese and overweight patients without any issues for decades. AND yes, there have been hundreds and thousands of people who were able to successfully lose weight using the HCG injection to testify this claim. What makes this hormone safe? Let us dig deeper first into what it is all about.

The basic of HCG

HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotrophin. Women during pregnancy produce this hormone in a very large quantity. They help make certain that both the baby and the mother have the calories they need to remain healthy. Doctors prescribe it for treating fertility problems in men and women.

The HCG injection

HCG injection has been used primarily for the treatment of fertility issues in both men and women. It has treated everything from undescended testicles in males to infertility in women. It’s the same hormone used in the HCG diet but at a very minimal amount. The best part of it-it’s naturally produced by the human body, making it safe even for weight loss.

HCG injection for weight loss became popular in the 1950s by Dr. Simeons. According to him, taking it could support weight loss by reducing your feeling of hunger. HCG injection can help reset your metabolism and promote healthy eating habits. When injected, it signals the hypothalamus of your brain to make use of the fat deposit as an alternative source of energy. These fat deposits are pockets of fat on various parts of your body and your body uses these pockets to save energy. They can be in the form of lumps and rolls anywhere on your body and can negatively affect your health, level of activity, and self-esteem.

Is it safe for weight loss?

HCG hormone stimulates the production of other hormones in your body that affect your metabolism, digestion, muscle tissue, liver function, and more. Since it’s an ALL-NATURAL hormone made by the placenta during pregnancy, therefore, it is safe.

In the HCG diet, weight loss occurs when HCG injection is used along with a restricted calorie intake. What makes it unsafe, as some are saying, though it is NOT if done correctly, is the restricted calorie intake of only 500 calories per day. If you find you can’t survive with the super low-calorie intake per day, you always have your option to modify it and add another 250 to 300 calories.

HCG triggers your body to burn fat for energy. As a result, you only feel minimal to no hunger at all, making it easier for you to adhere to the protocol.  Though the HCG diet protocol is not safe for long-term use, it is capable of safely resetting your metabolic functions. Upon achieving an ideal set-point, you can now maintain or improve your weight with a long-term, sustainable diet plan and exercise.

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Is HCG Injection Safe for Weight Loss?