Losing the Weight Gain During Loading Phase of HCG diet

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What happens to your load weight at phase 2?

It is disheartening when you make a decision in starting a new diet then immediately the diet calls for you to put on some weight. Well, that’s the HCG diet protocol-don’t panic.

Everyone’s body responds differently to the loading days. Most dieters gain weigh fairly quick during loading. Sometimes, they can gain as much as four to six pounds in a day. All these are normal. So, don’t be alarmed to see the scale jump that high. It doesn’t matter how much gorging you did during the loading days. It doesn’t matter how much weight you put on because all these will eventually disappear. You will lose the whole amount within the first two-three days of the very low calorie diet. You will not be going to do your diet just to lose your load gain.

If you load properly (high fats, high protein and low carb and sugar), you can lose as much as 10-12 pounds during your first few days of P2 with HCG. There are some dieters who load clean of about 3000-4000 calorie per day loses half of their load gain on their second day with VLCD. It does come right off a few days. But there are some who load high in carb and sugar took them almost two weeks to get the load weight off.

No need for the guilt. Anything you gain during your gorging days is going to be lost in the next phase. So, don’t be afraid.  EAT UP. But remember, load more on fats.

What if you lose weight on your loading days?

According to Dr. Simeon, “During the two days of forced feeding from the first to the third injection – many patients are surprised that contrary to their previous experience they do not gain weight and some even lose.” If you happen to lose weight while loading, it’s normal as long as you did load. It is acceptable to add another loading day and really focus on foods high in fats then continue on to Phase 2.

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