Mistakes to Avoid While On HCG

Mistakes in the HCG diet almost always involve food or drinks. In some dieters, alcohol drinking on the HCG diet also plays a significant role. The HCG diet is very sensitive to sugar, especially alcohol. Even slight variations can prevent you from losing weight. In phase two of the HCG diet, people sometimes overlook the top mistakes that keep them from losing as much weight whether they are consciously or unconsciously overlooking them. Many people make the same mistakes when trying to lose weight.   

The Typical Mistakes to Avoid in HCG Diet

1. Not Loading Up During the First Phase

The loading phase is in the first two-day of the HCG diet. It is when you have to eat a high-calorie diet to get your body ready for the changes ahead. In this phase, high-fat, high-calorie foods are crucial to the success of the diet. You will probably not be able to get the results you expect if you don’t have enough.

2. Eating the Wrong Food Items

The HCG diet protocol gives you the food items that you can eat and the ones you need to avoid. Not sticking to the food list given is another mistake that can have a direct impact on the result of the plan. 

3. Eating Canned Foods

Despite eating the right foods, you might be consuming them incorrectly. Eating canned vegetables and fruits is another blunder that can withdraw you from the best results while following the HCG diet. The preservatives used in these foods harm the body. Also, the high sugar levels in fruits and sodium levels in vegetables can interfere with the effect of the HCG hormone and cause weight gain as well.

Weight Gain for Dringking alcohol

4. Not Drinking Enough Water

Enough consumption of water is a key element of any diet protocol. Water keeps you well hydrated and fills your appetite with less food consumption. It also plays an important role in fat breakdown and promotes weight loss efforts. If you’re not drinking enough water while on an HCG diet, don’t expect optimal results. 

5. Drinking Beverages That Are Not Allowed

While it is significant to be watchful about what you eat, you also need to observe the approved beverages while following the HCG diet. In addition to tea, water, and coffee are considered the best beverages to have. Consuming sodas and flavored juices are not allowed. These beverages can add to the calorie intake and might cause weight gain.

6. Not Being Regular With the HCG Dosage 

The HCG diet protocol comprises the right diet and daily intake of HCG drops or injections. The worse mistake is to skip your hormonal dose during the diet phases. Make sure that you adhere to the HCG intake because even one missed dose matters. You should take the right dose at the right time. 

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