5 Doable Ways to Avoid Cheating on the HCG Diet

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HCG diet protocol can take quite a bit self-disciple and self-control. It’s quite challenging… and if you don’t have a clear picture of what HCG diet is, you will less likely to succeed. I’m not saying HCG is impossible to do. In fact, many dieters have done the protocol successfully.  But it’s important that you have this clear picture of what HCG diet can be like at times.

What to do to Avoid Cheating on the HCG Diet?

  1. Plan ahead

Decide when to start with your round. As much as possible, choose a date where you won’t attend any parties or celebrations. DO NOT do the diet during holidays or summer, anything that involves getting together with people and a bunch of foods. If you are planning to have a vacation 2 weeks from now and wanted to start with HCG diet just because you’re so excited to shed those inches away, it’s not going to happen.

  1. Keep yourself busy

Do something fulfilling since you’ll be spending so little time eating on the protocol. Instead of eating when you feel bored do something else. I know eating is the most satisfying thing you have been doing but it’s time to change and break that old habit. Get involve with HCG Diet community. Watch HCG vlogs. Make your own vlog. But if you’re that shy type, do something else that doesn’t involve eating.

  1. Minimize your guilt

If you decide to meet with your friend and family, plan ahead. Either you do it before you decide to start with your diet or after the diet. Doing this will help ensure you won’t hurt your friends and family’s feelings.

  1. Relax

Take a little time out to relax and stay refreshed even if your schedule is totally full. Do something relaxing. Go out for a walk or anything that you love to do, except of course eating.

  1. Your feeling will pass

HCG diet can be hard. But what’s making it harder is your worry. You might wonder if you can make it through the 6 weeks. This feeling can make you feel crappy each day. Remember, the thought of knowing how hard the diet can be will soon pass.


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