Deeper Reasons for Losing Weight – Why You’re on HCG Diet

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There is nothing wrong with wanting to look better or wanting to wear smaller clothes for an upcoming party or a trip. But your reason for losing weight shouldn’t be superficial.

Why are deeper reasons important?

  • Help you stick and maintain your weight loss goal even after the diet.
  • Prevent you from doing some “shortcuts” just to lose weight faster.
  • Prevent you from giving up when you don’t see any change in your scale.

Possible deeper reasons

  1. To have more energy for the family
  2. To stay healthy and fit
  3. To see your kids, grandchildren grow
  4. Wanting to grow old with your husband
  5. Having a healthier and fertile body in order to start a family
  6. To lower your cholesterol level; anything that has something to do with having a good health. Another is to help decrease your chances of having a heart attack.
  7. You have a health issue and that the only chance for you to recover is to lose weight.
  8. Wanting simply to enjoy life which you can easily achieve by improving your health.

Great outcomes form having a deeper reason for losing weight

  1. Life-long change

I know that you will agree with me that most of us are motivated to lose weight just to look thinner and smaller at a party, gathering or any other occasions. And then what? Our motivation in losing weight and keeping them off is gone after the party was over. Deeper reasons are long-term and permanent. When you decide to lose weight with the HCG diet you do it for a life-long change.

  1. Not doing some “shortcuts” for faster weight loss

Deeper reasons will help you lose weight in a healthy mindful manner. Because when you are desperate to achieve your unrealistic weight loss goal you’ll end up only hurting your body physically. And it’s a very unreasonable thing to do. When you have a deeper reason you can make smart choices as you go through the protocol. You won’t try to do something to speed up your weight loss process at the sake of losing your muscle.

  1. Not giving up when the number on the scale is not going down

There are times when the number on the scale does not go down because of few reasons such as a stall. The tendency is you will compare yourself to others and you may start to worry. But by having a deeper reason you won’t easily give up. Your reasons will help you get through your difficult weight loss journey with the HCG diet.

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