305lbs Down To 245lbs With HCG Injections

HCG Injections

305lbs Down To 245lbs With HCG Injections

Martin, aged 65 was weighing 305 pounds when he started using HCG Injections last year. Martin wears a triple XL pant size to now large size and 44/46 waist to size 36.

  • Starting weight:305 pounds
  • End Weight: 243 pounds
  • Total weight loss: 62 pounds
  • Current weight: 245 pounds
  • Age: 65 years old
  • Height: 5’11

Martin started his weight loss journey way back in 2015 but to no avail. He was not a bad eater but healthy calories had fattened him to 305 pounds. He was a healthy fat guy. He tried different known and unknown diets like low carbs, juicing and fasting but he feels weak. None of them really worked for him. He tried exercising a lot but it’s only making him exhausted and no weight loss. For Martin, the key to losing weight is not just by exercising alone. The key to losing weight has something to do with what he eats. When he reaches his heaviest weight ever, around 305, Martin stopped weighing himself. 305 pounds was his last known weigh-ins before doing the HCG Diet.

He first heard about the HCG Diet from his colleague at work who happened to be successful too doing the HCG Diet. Then last 2016, Martin started his journey with the HCG Diet. He ordered for a one month kit from a notable HCG injection provider online with B12 and set out his journey. Unlike the usual dose for females, he uses 200iu as an initial dose and increases it to 250iu as he experiences hunger using the 200iu’s only. After round one, Martin was 27 pounds down and another 27 pounds down on the next round. On his third round, Martin was weighing 251 pounds. He lost 54 pounds of fats. Martin continued eating smarter this time without the HCG and managed to lose another 8 pounds. His pant size went from 3XL to large.

During one of his Phase 2, he did encounter a stall but this didn’t stop him from reaching his goal weight. According to him, a stall is also part of the process that every dieter goes through. What matters most is how each one deals with a weight stall. If you ever made a mistake, don’t get frustrated and learn from your mistake. Don’t go making another mistake by deviating away from the protocol and don’t cheat. Patiently follow the protocol and all will end well. Martin dealt his weight stall by doing an Apple Day and the day after that he was able to get back on track.

Martin also finds it simpler to eat the same kind of food over and over. He didn’t try experimenting with different kinds of menus and eat the ones he is comfortable with and what works best for him. There are days that he loses two pounds and sometimes only half a pound. There were days also where his weight loss stalled but this again doesn’t cause him any stress or stop him from going. He found out during his diet that fish works best for him so when there are days that he feels like cheating he uses fish as his cheat food as well as fruits like apples and strawberries.

Martin did the 500 calorie diet during his first round. He religiously weighs all his foods before freezing them but later on, he decided to just measure them using his palm, so he’s not exactly sure whether its 500 calories per day or 600 maybe.

HCG Diet has taught Martin to change his approach to foods. Now, he has a good spot for good food unlike before. He just ate because he knows he needed to eat, and he was supposed to do so whether it’s healthy or not. Martin was able to identify his trigger food- carbohydrate. He loves pasta, pizza, and great bread.

Now, he’s not in love with eating anymore. He will only eat if he is hungry even if its dinner time but one thing that he doesn’t forget to do is to stay hydrated. According to him, men sometimes think that they are hungry but actually, they are just thirsty. If you will just follow the protocol and keep yourself hydrated you’ll be able to lose the maximum amount of weight each day. His thoughts to new dieters- putting weight is a lot easier than to take it off but it’s worth it to take it off. To be successful in taking off the weight, be patient and find good support among families, friends, and relatives.

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