40 Pounds Loss in Round 1 of HCG Diet

HCG Injections

40 Pounds Loss in Round 1 of HCG Diet

When I first heard about HCG Diet my first impression was “It’s totally crazy”. I could not believe that people would torture themselves this way. I have tried different diets out there instead but to no avail.

Months later, my weight keeps on shooting from 210 pounds to 260 pounds in a matter of 3 months. My other diet really isn’t working. I thought maybe it’s time for me to try the diet that I dreaded most.

So, I finally decided to start with HCG Diet when bought my first hcg injections kit at hcg injections shop. Luckily I have my mom with me.  We both started together.  I had my mom to do the injections for me. And guess what? It’s not painful like I thought it would be. Within the first week, I had started losing about 18 pounds.

Starting weight: 260 pounds plus 5 pounds gained during loading

Women’s Dress size: 24

Waistline: 43 inches

I am a vegetarian and I don’t eat meat. I did the diet eating fish only. It was very hard but was well worth it. There was a point when I wanted to eat the leftovers of my 3-year-old daughter’s plate because I really wanted to eat delicious food. But I am happy I didn’t. Maintaining a healthy eating habit is good though. The good thing about HCG Diet, I don’t starve.

Overall, I lost a total of 40 pounds and my waistline is down to 38. I feel so much better and I have so much energy.  I cannot believe the difference those pounds make. With other diets, you would gain the weight back within a month. But with HCG, it resets your metabolism. It helps you to think carefully about what you eat.

I have been off for a few months now but I’ve only gained 6 pounds back. I am ready to start with another round of HCG Diet. I hope that I’ll be the weight that I was before I had my daughter. I do hope too that I’ll be able to bend over to tie my shoes instead of propping my feet up to tie them. It’s not hard to keep weight off if you keep your lifestyle healthy.

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