An HCG Diet Journey with PCOS

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An HCG Diet Journey with PCOS

I am so much happy that I’m another HCG diet success story. I am currently taking my HCG Injections for obesity and I have PCOS or polycystic ovary syndrome.

My journey with PCOS

PCOS is the most common disorder in women. I was diagnosed with this condition during my early 30s after I missed a period and went to my doctor in a panic. I thought to myself, now what? At that moment, I wondered what should I do next? I didn’t even know what PCOS is or what it could do to my body.

After diagnosing with PCOS, my doctor told me to see an endocrinologist who told me to go back after I lose weight. I felt devastated and had to figure out on my own how to manage PCOS, lose weight and live a healthier, happy life.

After doing my research, I realized I had been experiencing symptoms of PCOS such as weight gain and hair fall since adolescence. But because of my lack of awareness, I was diagnosed two decades after the onset of symptoms.

Weight gain

My one big problem is weight gain as PCOS messes with my hormone balance and causes insulin resistance, meaning my body isn’t so great at regulating my blood sugar and energy stores. As a result, it was very hard for me to lose weight, and I have excess hair growth because of high testosterone levels.

The good news is lifestyle changes, like getting a healthy weight can help. Losing at least 5% to 7% of my body weight can make a significant difference with hormonal issues, insulin resistance, fertility, and irregular period.

Losing weight

I have tried every weight-loss method, even starving myself to lose weight, but with no success. I have tried taking metformin, but I got sick. No matter how much I exercised and even took pills to induce my period and lose weight, I still couldn’t lose weight. I have tried doing the Keto diet with a combination of intermittent fasting, but nothing works for me. Cutting out carbs and sugar from my diet to balance my insulin does not work.

The HCG diet and PCOS

I have read about the HCG diet and how it could work to treat PCOS among overweight women in one of my research. And I said to myself, why not? I would do anything to lose weight, so I could resolve my PCOS problem and live a healthier and happier life with no health issues. I have learned that if you are overweight and have PCOS, losing weight can improve my symptoms and that what had happened to me. With the HCG shot and low-calorie diet, I was able to lose weight. My PCOS symptoms have improved. The excess hair growth has become very slow, and my energy level from losing weight was tremendous.

Also, my doctor who has been helping with my PCOS issue has been following my success, and she was amazed at the results. For anyone who is at risk because of the effects of obesity, I would strongly recommend doing the HCG Diet. It is safe and effective. And I am very positive that it will work for you too! Believe me, because it has worked for me!

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