Before I Did the HCG Diet, I Weigh 245lbs

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Before I Did the HCG Diet, I Weigh 245lbs

I have struggled with my weight in my entire adult life. I was labeled as pre-diabetic and was being put on high blood pressure medication for the rest of my life.

Back then, I was living a very active lifestyle. I used to be a regular gym-goer, and I was particular with my diet, but when I get married and have kids, I let fitness fall by the wayside. I picked up on a new habit, eating whatever was around me and downing on soda and energy drinks. I just didn’t care what I put into my body. Since then, my weight creeps up steadily. Before I did the HCG diet, I weigh 245 pounds, but the last time I took my weight years ago, I was weighing only 175 pounds. I have packed precisely 70 pounds in almost 20 years.

The change

When I started complaining about chest pain and heartburn due to high blood pressure, I finally realized it’s high time for me to make a lifestyle check. When I went to see my doctor, I was labeled as pre-diabetic. I was given tons of medications for my blood sugar and was put into high blood pressure medication for the rest of my life.

When I saw a picture of myself hanging on the wall and the rest of our family pictures, I was not happy. I knew that I was getting older, and my weight would continue to creep up if I do not act right away. I knew that my weight is giving me health problems. So, I made up my mind to change my life once and for all.

On doing different diets

I first tried doing the Atkins diet.  I was doing well on it for a while and have even lost a couple of pounds, but it was so difficult for me to maintain because I was used to eating many carbohydrates. I felt dizzy, nauseous, and experiencing heartburn after almost two weeks on a diet, so I stopped. I then switched into a low-carb diet, which unlike the Atkin, I began eating carbs back, but I’m losing pounds too slow.  I have been doing the low-carb diet for a month, but I soon realized and based on my calculations, it will take me ages before I can finally reach my goal weight. I need something that works fast.

My children told me to hit the gym, which I did, but that didn’t work well for me. I have tried doing the Dukan diet, kind of like the Atkin. It’s a high-protein diet with some low carbs. The diet is safe for most people but not for people with certain medical conditions. I lost some weight with the Dukan, but I plateaued, and my body mass index still puts me in the obese category.

The HCG Diet

I was at my friend’s newly opened salon, and one of her friends came in, and I talked about the HCG diet with her. I never heard of it before, so I googled about it right away. I was fascinated with how the diet works, how much weight one can lose, and many success stories. I did more research and then purchased a kit. I was never skeptical as I was so desperate to lose weight and get my health back.

The loading days sort of threw me off, and I don’t think I can still load more. The part of the protocol I liked most is the 500-calorie phase because that’s the part that I can see results. Just after a week of doing the 500-calorie diet, I lost 9 pounds. At the end of round 1, I drop a total of 26 pounds. That’s a massive loss for me. On my second round, I lost another 20+ pounds and another 20 more pounds in the third round. Now, I am comfortable with my skin.

What’s best about the HCG Diet? I can see the results instantly! The diet part of the protocol was easy to follow and stick with since my body was accustomed to low-calorie, low-carb diets. I have lost weight all around my body, and it’s most apparent at my belly, arms, and buttocks.

With the HCG diet, I have now been able to lose weight and keep the weight off quickly. It has helped me lose weight and remove sugars from my diet; therefore, control my blood sugar level. My blood pressure is now back to normal, and I have stopped taking my medications months after I have successfully lost weight. Doing the HCG Diet has been my most memorable experience ever. The benefits I got physically, mentally, and emotionally have been remarkable. I am a better person now with a new outlook on eating healthy. I would highly recommend this diet to my friends and anyone who wanted to lose weight in my life.

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Before I Did the HCG Diet, I Weigh 245lbs