Dropped 15Kgs Because of HCG Diet

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Dropped 15Kgs Because of HCG Diet

My whole life seems to have been spent dieting. No matter what I ate, I was determined to eat whatever I wanted. As a result, food has always been a constant focus. In addition to hard exercise at the gym, yoga, weight training, and calorie counting, I have tried fasting, calorie counting, diet pills, fad diets like no carbs, raw food, vegetarianism, and veganism.

I gained the most alarming amount of weight when I became pregnant with my third child at the age of 34. During pregnancy, I suffer from hyperemesis, which is constant vomiting. When I was pregnant with my first child, I was 5kg lighter than before. For the subsequent ones, I took a lot of medication and ate lots of salty, dry food to minimize nausea. My weight had increased by 38kg by the time I gave birth to my daughter! I stopped weighing myself at 97kg because I couldn’t bear to see the scales reach 100kg!

Depression set in. I had a bad case of the baby blues, but everyone thought it was just a phase. When you are overweight, you have a hard time doing anything! Putting on my shoes was difficult enough, but finding something to wear that looked good was even more difficult. Following a year of breastfeeding, I went back to taking diet pills. It was the only thing that would curb my appetite and give me enough energy, but they made me feel awful, irritable and spaced out. I couldn’t lose weight without drugs!

I ate to protect myself from an unhappy marriage. The only place I could find safety was inside myself. There were times when I couldn’t leave the house or answer the phone due to depression. Only my closest friend stuck around, she saw what was happening and helped me get out.

Over that time I have got a bit better. I still have a long way to go, but I’m going to get there. I lost a bit of weight – I joined the HCG diet program! Two of my friends have had enormous success with HCG and kept the weight off. I want my life back, and I need to get my weight down to help my overall health and my self-esteem. The idea of resetting my base weight has enormous appeal, I am so sick of the yo-yo effect of losing and gaining. I want it off, and I want it to stay off!

With the HCG diet, I was able to bring back the old me, not exactly, but who I am. With 3 children, I was able to lose weight and bring back the days that I lost when I was overweight.


– Karmie, Mom of 3, US 

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