From Size 18 Down to Size 12

HCG Injections

From Size 18 Down to Size 12

April’s Weight Loss Success Story:

  • Starting weight: 196 pounds
  • Ending weight: 160 pounds
  • Total weight loss: 36 pounds
  • Pant size: Went from size 18 down to size 12

Here is her story:

My heaviest was 196 pounds and I felt disgusting about my weight. I hated my self for not having control over foods. I used to have a curvy shaped body. So, when I started to gain some weight it’s super noticeable. I slowly started to gain weight way back when I was in high school. I’ve tried dieting in every way- I go to the gym and burn those fats away along with diet pills and it did work!  But every time I stop, everything went back plus some more.

When I have reached my fattest, I started doing the HCG diet. I have heard a lot about it. I have seen a lot of good results. I have even witnessed how and what can this amazing diet fad do. With no doubt, I know HCG diet was what I was looking for.

I decided to do the short round of HCG injections but have also decided to speed up the process.  I followed the protocol at some point. The protocol calls for a 500 calories diet but I only ate apples, salad and some proteins. I also did some exercise every day. The first week was a success. I lost 8 pounds. After 17 days, I lost a total of 26 pounds but after that, my body just stopped losing weight. I was doing really not great during phase 3. I ate more than what is required and I ended up gaining all the weight back.

I went on another round. Still, I choose to do the short round without speeding up the process anymore. As a result, my second round was a success. I lost a total of 16 pounds. I did the diet 3 times to get what I wanted. From 196 pounds, I went down a total of 36 pounds.

I want the whole world to know what HCG diet did for me. I want the whole world to know that when this diet is done correctly, it can do so much wonder to your body. HCG diet is not just all about getting your curvy body back in shape. It teaches you discipline when it comes to choosing and eating the right kind of foods.

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