I Went from Size 20 to Size 6

HCG Injections

I Went from Size 20 to Size 6

Day 1

Starting weight after loading days: 227 pounds

I had some green tea for breakfast, apple during mid-morning. For lunch, I had some chicken breast burger and cucumber salad with some apple cider vinegar and salt. For dinner, I had some cabbage, steak and orange.

Day 2

I got on the scale, had double checked the number and it really shows 223 pounds! 4 pounds down and that’s awesome! I had some green tea again for breakfast, leftover steak, cabbage and Melba toast for lunch. I had some apple for a snack in the afternoon, rotisserie chicken and a green salad for dinner.

After one week

I lost a whopping 13 pounds and that’s AMAZING! One of the best things about this protocol is getting off the bed, going to the bathroom then jump on to the scale and sees the needle move downward. What could be a better way to start the day? That’s to see the numbers go down.

After round 1

I’m 35 pounds lighter and I’m down to 192 pounds. My goal weight is 140 pounds. HCG is so rewarding. It’s very simple and easy to follow. I love what it does to my body. I love the way it influences my eating habit.

After round 2: I lost another 33 pounds. I’m down to 159 pounds. I won’t stop until I’ve reached my goal weight.

After round 3: From 169 pounds I now down to 142 pounds. I lost another 17 pounds in just 26 days.

It’s all about my lifestyle change, learning how to eat properly and healthily. Most important, it takes discipline to keep the weight off for good. Another important thing that I’ve learned with HCG diet is to NEVER skip a meal in order for our body’s metabolism to work continuously. I have recommended several of my friends and co-workers to do the protocol and to order their kit at your site. I am truly impressed with your service.

My basic stat

Starting weight: 225 pounds

Ending weight: 142 pounds

Number of rounds: 3 rounds of HCG injections

Dress size: Went from a tight size 20 that’s 2XL to size 6 (Small)

Height: 5’5”

Total Weight Lost: 83 pounds

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