HCG Diet for an Improved Overall Health and Weight Loss

HCG Diet for an Improved Overall Health and Weight Loss

HCG Diet for an Improved Overall Health and Weight Loss

I was looking forward to the HCG diet program even though I knew it was going to be quite challenging. The HCG diet program is 500-calorie a day along with HCG drops. To my amazement, the diet program was very easy to stick to and when taking the drops you do not notice that you are only eating 500 calories each day. You never feel hungry like you haven’t had enough to eat; the reward was a lift in energy and a positive frame of mind.

I had this plan to do the 21-day program, but I was feeling so good and was losing the weight, I decided to do 41 days. This diet program has been a huge part of the successful weight loss from 82 kg, feeling tired and suffering from a low immune system to 65 kg and feeling the healthiest in years.

I loved the HCG diet program so much and the amazing change it can create to your well-being on a long-term basis. That I even have recommended it to my closest friends, who are now completing the program using the HCG drops with great success.

Here’s how you can do the diet program based on what I’ve followed during my diet. My personal top 3 would be:

Plan and you need to be organized. You should know what you are going to have for lunch and dinner the day before. You can cook 200 g of protein and make two meals. You can also try something you think you don’t like if it’s on the list. As for me, I never ate asparagus before, but now I can’t get enough of it.

Inform people. You need to let people know that you are doing the diet program so that they will support you, no need not to be social.

Stick to the diet program 100% – I have been lucky to maintain the same weight even now. Stick to the 500 calories along with the HCG drops and be diligent in the maintenance phase.

For anyone who wants to improve their health or just wants to lose some weight, I would highly recommend the HCG program. Loved the support I received too. Here are some of the benefits of the HCG diet not just on weight loss but overall health as well:

  • Improved metabolic function
  • Burning of adipose tissue (fat) for energy
  • Energy boost
  • Lower cholesterol because using short courses of HCG can help dieters adopt healthier eating habits that provide long-term health benefits, such as reducing heart disease
  • Preserve muscle integrity as HCG helps preserve muscle tissue during the release of stored fat, which helps dieters maintain muscle mass throughout their diet

– Drew J.

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HCG Diet for an Improved Overall Health and Weight Loss