HCG Diet Protocol Improved My Emotional, Mental and Physical Health

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HCG Diet Protocol Improved My Emotional, Mental and Physical Health

I am not sure where I should start because my life was in mess before coming to you for the HCG Diet Protocol. I was struggling for the proper balance in gathering my emotional, mental and physical health, as I felt that my once overall good health and vitality were all but lost.

I am almost humiliated to admit this, yet I had given up on everything, and I was just a walking time bomb waiting to die. It was not important to me whether I lived or died because I had appeared to lose complete control of my life. My medical conditions are quite numerous including hypertension, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, and several muscular-skeletal conditions. Having been afflicted with so many medical conditions, I found it extremely hard to lose weight or regain my normal faculties so that I could live a decent life. Each day was touch and go for me as I was in a devastating state of consciousness. Although I cried hysterically internally, I tried to smile, and I often isolated myself from everything, including family, friends, or any social situation since my weight grew heavier with each passing day.

It was not until I came to see you one day before my 46th birthday that my life appeared to take on meaning. You gave me hope for the future although I remained exceptionally guarded and doubtful, in that nothing that I had tried worked for me up to this point, and I found it nearly impossible to exercise because of my mobility issues. I am not often at a loss for words, but I realize that I am probably rambling here. I am so emotional right now so I am just doing as much as I can to express how grateful I am to you for enabling me to lose weight and for what you have done for me! This weight loss journey has saved my life!

I started at approximately 405 pounds with grim hopes for a decent future. Yet, as I began the HCG diet protocol, I worked laboriously to remain on task with the diet. I found myself still losing 50 pounds throughout the phases of the HCG diet protocol. Thanks for instilling the inspiration to control my life via t diet protocol, in that it has carried over into every aspect of my life. HCG diet protocol improved my emotional, mental and physical health. HCG isn’t just about weight loss, it helps improve overall health. With what has happened to me, I greatly encourage you to try following this protocol especially if you have certain medical conditions. This will help you.

– Anderson D., Canada

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