How I Lost 50 Pounds on the 40-day Rounds of the HCG Diet

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How I Lost 50 Pounds on the 40-day Rounds of the HCG Diet

I was looking forward to the HCG diet program even though the VLCD seems so intimidating at first. I made some research about the diet hormone and its safeties to the body. As far as I can recall on my research, the program was very easy to stick to and when taking the drops you do not notice that you are only eating 500 calories. You never feel hungry like you haven’t had enough to eat; the reward was a lift in energy and a positive frame of mind.

Here’s my weight loss journey from 187 pounds to 137 pounds.

I was planning to take the 21 days on the program, but I ended up taking the 41 days regimen because why not? I feel great and I am losing weight not muscle!

I love the HCG diet program so much as it reduces my weight-related conditions. Weighing 187 pounds was a living hell, I cant stand longer, I have sleeping troubles, I have had several instances where my blood pressure is surging. I was a sedentary type of person when was 40 years old and gained too much weight and suffer weight-related conditions until 50. I had a choice to either change my lifestyle or go on a cocktail of medications which would have killed me anyway, so I chose the non-drug option.

Preparing for a healthy lifestyle was part of my retirement plan as I always want to have adventures or go to Europe for a special trip but then again I was so heavy and felt lazy, not until I learned about the HCG diet.

The Kick Start to a New Lifestyle

It was some time in 2018 when I decided to give HCG diet a shot. Staying with an active lifestyle is one important factor of a healthy life. As you age, you need to properly maintain and discover new things to be able to enjoy a long and healthy life. Motivation and consistency is the key that you need to follow to stay on track of healthy, active, and enjoyable life.

Quitting My Unhealthy Habits

It is maybe hard for someone that are used to doing habits, but I did it slowly. I cut down my alcohol intake until the day I totatlly stopped.  When drinking once every 2 days before, I go to drinking once every 3 days and get used to it, that is the best time that a did it once a week until it’s totally gone. The same thing with smoking, I lessen it for at least one stick per hour until I can’t finish a pack of cigarettes within the day.

Be positive all the time, not just to yourself but to all the people around you. It maintains the good vibes in your inner body that follows a natural way of gaining energy.

Above all the efforts you exert to achieve that active lifestyle, you will surely love the benefits that it can give to your health. You will thank yourself at the end because you’ve done those activities and exercises before.


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How I Lost 50 Pounds on the 40-day Rounds of the HCG Diet