I Thought It Was A Healthier Me

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I Thought It Was A Healthier Me

In my teen years, I have the attitude that I can eat what I want with no adverse effects. People were constantly asking me where I put all of the foods I eat, which is funny. This was all well and good when I was 18 as I would walk or bike to get around which made it easier to maintain the slim figure people always commented on.

When my mid-twenties came, I noticed that the weight slowly crept on. I am 67kgs convincing myself that this was a healthier me. At the age of 26, all the unhealthy foods caught up with me and I developed gallstones. I put up with the pain that causes it for a year but still, I couldn’t say no to the fatty food which causes my pain. The doctors don’t have any clear diagnosis about the pain as I didn’t fit the usual criteria. It was at this point I swore that I would not eat any more junk food after the procedure. I did, but only for a week, and back at it again.

Still sitting at 67kgs, I started dating my current partner. During the time that we were visiting one another, we tended to rely on fast food for lunch and dinner as it was less time-consuming because we live kinda far from each other. This may not have been so bad since I’ve been exercising, but the inevitable happened, I went from 67kg up to 79kgs real quick. My BMI put me in the obese category. This weight gain started to depress me. I was disgusted. I had friends joking about how I used to be slim and now I look like I’m pregnant. These comments hurt, and it was also these comments that have given me the motivation to get back to an ideal weight. A work colleague was trying the HCG injections and seemed to be achieving successful results. So I took some reading and looked into it further. Upon considering it for a week or so, I decided to give it a go.

My weight upon starting the diet was 79.3kgs, and the meals and portion sizes weren’t too bad. I didn’t feel hungry and I wasn’t cranky. I enjoyed experimenting with different HCG-approved meals and even looked forward to preparing my meals for lunch. My journey is continuing, but I have the confidence and the motivation to keep on going, nothing will stop me now. I believe that if I hadn’t tried the HCG diet, I would still be struggling with my weight and my confidence. I would highly recommend this to other people committed to losing weight and maintaining that weight loss.

– Thalia K., Canada

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