Krila’s HCG Weight Lost Story

HCG Injections

Krila’s HCG Weight Lost Story

  • She lost 21.4 pounds during her first round with HCG Injections
  • On her second round, she lost another 19 pounds
  • Her total weight loss is 40.4 pounds in two rounds with HCG Diet
  • She has tried several weight loss programs before and nothing seemed to work
  • was very happy with how fast HCG Diet works
  • Here is her story to inspire you:

HCG Diet is a miracle! I was told about the HCG Diet by my loving and oh so supportive husband which he learned about it from a friend. I am not a super obese type but I need to lose my excess weight for a lot of reasons. I have two wonderful kids and the resulting weight had seemed so impossible to lose even after doing a lot of known diets in the market. I did multiple diets, you name it- I did them all. I have spent hours in the gym each day ‘till in super exhausted but without any success.

Round 1:

During my first course with the HCG Diet, I was amazed by how HCG works! I lost 21.4 pounds at the end of round 1. Loading days was superb- got to eat a lot of my favorite foods. I gained 2 pounds from gorging all those high-fat foods. The first week was a bit challenging but the moment I see those numbers go down I became motivated. On the second week, getting up becomes very excited. My morning weigh-ins were everything for me as I find anywhere from a pound to 2 pounds gone each day! I can’t wait to do another round with the HCG Diet.

Round 2:

Round two was fantastic! I lost an additional of 19 pounds. That gives me a total of 40.4 pounds down after two rounds of HCG Diet. The recipes were doable and I find myself enjoying cooking not only for me but as well as my family. The only difference is that I only got to eat 500 calories a day and they’ve got to eat as much as they want.

I was so happy that I found HCG Diet! I am so grateful too that my husband’s friend shared this diet with us. I am looking forward to doing another round of HCG Diet maybe after the holiday. Hopefully, after the 3rd round, I would be back to my before children weight.

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