Lost 53 pounds 8 Months after the HCG Diet

Lost 53 pounds 8 Months after the HCG Diet

Lost 53 pounds 8 Months after the HCG Diet

Looks skinny and had shrunk

Another successful dieter here to inspire you said that her mother thinks that she’s so skinny after doing three rounds of HCG diet.

Here’s her basic stat:

  • Initial weight: 190 pounds
  • Ending weight: 143 pounds
  • Total weight lost: 53 pounds
  • Dress size: from size 16 she now wears size 8
  • Health issue: Painful knees

Here’s her story.

Sheri is a loving mother to a beautiful 6 years old Bettina who said that she had “shrunk”. She has tried just about anything to lose weight but was completely unsuccessful. She lost quite a few inches off her body but it didn’t teach her how to eat. She had gained the weight back. For her, losing weight was very hard. It was even more discouraging when she tried losing more weight but ended up losing only a few.

Her heaviest was 190 pounds. But when she tried HCG injections, she has lost a total of 53 pounds in 8 months and she felt great about it. She has gone from a size 16 to a size 8. Sheri learned about HCG injections from one of the visitors during her sister’s wedding. At first, she was skeptical. She researched everything about the HCG diet and finally came up with a decision to give it a go.

She was amazed by what HCG diet can offer. Her first week, she lost 9 pounds and she couldn’t believe it either. She has been on a lot of diets before but she never lost this much in just a week. Her transitions from having to eat only 500 calorie diet a day was kind of hard. But she was very thankful because her husband was always at her back. Her husband was so supportive of her new found diet.

After 8 months, she lost 53 pounds. Her daughter noticed her change and said that she had shrunk. Her mother told her that she looks skinny! She never heard those kinds of compliments for how many years already.  She said she no longer looks matronly. She had accomplished everything in only 8 months.

The hcg diet protocol does take discipline. But she knew her effort was worth it when she saw those pounds melts away.   Her outlook on foods has changed too. She found herself cooking the foods she has loved during phase 2 in her maintenance phase. For Sheri, one of the best aspects of HCG diet was only the abnormal fats goes away. She doesn’t have to look like she’s sick, unlike other diets that she has tried before. She’s happy with how she looks now.

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