Melanie’s Story of Losing 18kgs

HCG Injections

Melanie’s Story of Losing 18kgs

I have never been a slim woman. I have always loved food and didn’t care about putting kilos on as I have always loved the food especially when I had my first child. I didn’t realize until after I had my second child that I was overweight, weighing 105kgs. For that reason, I did something which made me do some really hard training and a lot of time to manage to lose a few pounds. 

While having a real hard time losing weight, I fell pregnant with my third child, again I ate and ate! Without losing weight, I gained 5kgs more than got pregnant again with my fourth child. Realizations upon realizations, I need to lose weight and care also about my health and figure not just for myself but also for my husband and kids. 

Goodness me, after many ways of dieting for many years. I found an awesome product called the HCG Injections. I told myself “not another diet” but there was something about this that was going to work for me. I said to myself the days when we go to the park, when we go for dinner, when we go to the beach, when we go on a holiday, when we go shopping, I WANT TO LOOK AND FEEL FANTASTIC! 

In the last few years, I have so many times broken down and felt so angry with myself and seriously was not able to cope day to day with raising my family, all because I was overweight and felt uncomfortable.

I’m going to give The HCG Diet a go, I know it’s going to work because I researched it! I was truly amazed! Starting weight at 103kgs. The first two weeks already gave me an amazing results. I lost 8kgs and I couldn’t believe it! The journey is so exciting! 

By following the protocol, the pounds are coming off continuously. People started noticing and I was feeling great. I am so proud to say I have gone all the way to complete the HCG diet and my lifestyle for the rest of my life is to eat maturely, stay healthy, and keep the figure I have with my hard work and patience. I am so proud that I’ve lost a total of 18kgs with HCG Injections. Now, I enjoy doing things with my family without feeling uncomfortable. I am still doing the maintenance to keep my weight stable and to stay healthy. 

Now, I can proudly say that I am a mom of four weighing 85kgs because the HCG Diet helped me! I am very thankful for the opportunity! I know that the HCG Diet Protocol already helped a lot of people. Continue being an inspiration to others to help them lose weight and be healthy! 


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