Taking the Plunge with the HCG Diet

Taking the Plunge with the HCG Diet

Taking the Plunge with the HCG Diet

Like any other dieters, I was skeptical too at first about the HCG Diet. I have always doubted about what this diet can offer until I have tried it myself. I am so glad I did this diet. I have seen many people before indulge in the HCG diet and eating only 500 calories per day. It’s crazy! I was totally shocked by what they are doing. I mean who would survive eating only 500 calories a day?

Everything changes when I tried doing the HCG Diet. I couldn’t believe either that I could survive eating only 500 calories per day. My perception of the HCG Diet totally changed. Not only that, this diet had not only help me lose weight but it made me change my eating habits. It made me reexamine my previous eating habits.

I have always struggled with my weight but I was never obese. Life is getting tougher as I age. We all do in fact. We got married, have babies, become busy with so many things at hand then eventually making a late realization that we’re getting heavier and heavier each day.  We all blame ourselves for what had happened then what? We tried getting in almost any diets known on this planet. We skip from one diet plans to the next until we find what works best for use. When we stop, things will get back to the way they are BUT not with HCG DIET!

How I started the HCG diet?

I started the diet by making research. I found out that HCG Diet makes use of the real HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin), a hormone produced by the placenta of women after implantation it was developed by Dr. Simeons in the 1950s. In his study, he found out that the hormone triggers a reaction in the body that uses stored fats as an alternative source of energy.  He injected his patients with the hormone for 21 to 40 days and subjected them to a very low calorie diet. His patients lose weight quickly and feel great without any hunger pains. They were able to lose stubborn pockets of fats that had not come off from their previous diet. Fast forward- Dr. Simeons wrote a book “Pounds and Inches” so the world would know about his great work. Recently, there are various modifications made to his original work such as that of Dr. Oz and many others to mention.

The worlds of HCG Dieters

I soon found out that there are tons of community, forums and social media over the internet dedicated solely to the HCG diet world. There are in fact, HCG diet superstars who make YouTube channels and write cookbooks. Some deal with selling HCG but I tell you, this one source of mine sells a high real high-grade HCG (complete with a kit) at a very reasonable price. I sure hope that I’ll get a free one the next time I’ll order…and before I forget I also learned that there are tons and tons of both men and women whose lives have been changed by the HCG Diet and that includes mine. Well, I am now one of the many success stories.  After watching videos about women with great weight loss I become convinced that the HCG diet was the magic answer I had been looking for.

I read and studied the protocol by heart

I choose to remain loyal to the original version. The diet is divided into phases. The first phase is the loading days and that’s about 2-3 days of eating the fattier food that I can to satisfaction. Phase 2 starts on the 4th day where I should eat only 500 calories a day with the daily injection. Foods were limited too so I have to stick with it by all means if I wanted to lose weight. There are other restrictions too such as avoiding oil-based cosmetics, exercise, etc… After 21 days comes the maintenance phase where I should up my food intake except for carbs and sugar. What I like most from my reading is that I can do more rounds if I want to lose more weight. I just need to have a break in between rounds before starting another round. I can choose the shorter round (21 days) or the longer round (40 days).

I took the plunge

I order for my first round of kit online and follow the original protocol for 21 days. My loading days were not that excited that I started to feel sick. None the less, I think I have gorged on the fattiest food and have gained 6 pounds. I know my loading gain will wear off as soon as I start eating only 500 calories a day for 21 days.

The first 3 days of phase two went well but on day 4 onwards I felt weak and became irritated. The newfound HCG Diet group told me that I few more days I would feel amazing and my hunger would subside. At the end of week one, I lost 8 pounds. I was so happy that I felt like I won the lottery. The second week went by but I didn’t start to feel any better. I was hungry, have no energy and no strength and constipated. I was told to drink laxative tea and so I did. Despite my discomfort, I managed to lose a total of 17 pounds during the short round. That was my lowest weight since having my son. Fast forward- I took another short plunge. Unlike the first round, the second round went quite well. I wasn’t miserably hungry at all and my energy is back.

I ended up doing a total of five rounds with great success. I received compliments left and right and my size 14 pants were fitting me again. I am in better shape now, I have more energy than before. My maintaining weight hovers between 5 and 10 only above my last day weight.

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