The HCG Diet Works For Men!

HCG Injections

The HCG Diet Works For Men!

I am Wayne and here’s my story of success.

My story with the HCG diet started after a realization that I had gotten way too big. I used to be skinny all my life, but I got lazy due to juggling responsibilities as a father, husband, and educator.

Chalking it up to simply “old age” and about to retire, I slowly added pounds up in 2019. I tend to eat a lot of fast foods and binge on alcohol and soda every day.  I also came to a point where I can consume a whole medium-sized pizza as if I was in an eating contest. Then, I would also do starvation days or fasting after several days of binge eating. And, yes it was so unhealthy that I ended up having high cholesterol and frequent chest pains.

My Unhealthy Habits Leads Me to Weigh 187 Pounds

My blood pressure is surging. My wife brought me to the emergency hospital due to chest pains and dizziness. My doctor found out that I have hypertension and high cholesterol levels and am possibly at high risk of heart disease. In one sitting I knew I needed a  change.

The Turning Point

A friend recommended me the HCG diet after hearing about my situation. At that moment I knew in myself that I needed help as early as possible as my current weight will not help me recover. I gave the HCG diet a shot but I started it by informing my doctor because I have maintenance medications that might interfere with the progress.

Starting the HCG Diet

Before I started the diet my wife helped me come up with a 2-week meal plan so that I would not fail myself.  She also made a chart where I wrote what I ate including the calorie content of each food. We also made sure we purchased HCG products from trusted providers.

Although HCG is a hormone with many uses, we often only associate it with the HCG diet. A course with HCG shots in men can help with weight loss, boost testosterone levels, improve fertility, and alter thyroid function.

I Have Lost a Total of 50 Pounds!

I went from 187lbs to 127lbs. I have lost 32% of body fat and I appreciate the results. I gained energy, normalize my blood pressure, and even do things I never did when I was overweight. The HCG diet has been my lifesaver.  I was able to slim down without even participating in strenuous workouts and extreme calorie cutdowns.

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The HCG Diet Works For Men!