Used To Weigh 89kg Before Having My Child

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Used To Weigh 89kg Before Having My Child

I used to weigh 89kg before having my son, and now nearly 5 years later, I consider a whopping 133 kilograms! I am not well and had been told by my physician that I was obese and boarder line diabetic. At 32 years of age, this was a shock, as you can imagine. I have struggled with my weight since having my son. I have tried dieting and exercising over the years, and nothing has worked.

After speaking to a colleague at work and seeing another lady’s result, I decided to take the plunge and complete the HCG Diet Protocol. I started by having a private blog to document all my feelings, emotions, pictures, and progress. This helped quite a bit as it gave me a lot of encouragement.

On January 2018, I started my two loading days. I found the loading days very interesting because I had no energy to do anything; it would have been all the fat-loaded foods I ate! I thought I would be hungry on the first day, but the HCG injections were significant. I couldn’t believe I wasn’t hungry as I was the type of person to always be hungry! I followed the recommended foods and drinks, which surprised me my whole life!

In the meantime, I had to go home to my family, consisting of my partner of 13 years and two children who were eating regular meals. This was very difficult, and I found it quite a struggle. They supported me, so it makes a difference if you have a support network. We agreed that they would have tea and have cleaned their mess before I arrived home from work so that when I got home, I would have the kitchen and wouldn’t have to watch them eat.

After my first day on the 500-calorie diet, I lost a whopping 4kg! I was amazed at the amount of weight I had lost in only a short period. These were the bombs I needed to get me through this diet! I felt light and full of energy, so I contemplated completing some exercise.

The following day I lost another 1.8kg totaling almost 6kg in 4 days! Over the next 40 days, the weight kept piling off quite quickly. My family, friends, and colleagues noticed the difference. All of a sudden, I had an influx of people private messaging me on Facebook and requesting to become friends to go onto my blog and have a look. Many people asked me how I had lost weight and commented on how good I was. I felt overwhelmed with all the comments and positive feedback I received. People wanted to know many questions, so I would add them to my blog so they could see my thoughts and feelings. I also gave support and suggestions to some people as I know how it is to feel overweight and depressed. I am still providing support, and I am an advocate for HCG.

On day 45 of my 500-calorie diet, I weighed in at 105kg, a total weight loss of 28kgs.

I believe I owe my life to the HCG Diet. This diet not only changed my life, but I truly believe it saved my life, and I can reach as many people as possible to help them achieve their goals and perhaps change their lives. At the end of the day, I still walk away as a winner, and I am so proud of my achievement. – Carola, US

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Used To Weigh 89kg Before Having My Child