Visible Changes Just In Days

HCG Injections

Visible Changes Just In Days

HCG diet has changed my view of the word “diet” for me. I discovered HCG when I was at my lowest because of my figure and weight which also affects my health. I am a 27-year-old employee and still had to go through bullying because of my physical appearance. 

When I became a regular employee at my current job, I hit 98kgs which was rock bottom and I felt very uncomfortable having to go out with friends as I felt as though I was always the large one. I was extremely unhappy and I disliked my body a great deal. I stayed clear of malls and anything to do with trying clothes on. Every time I did try to go shopping I would walk away not having bought anything and feeling fat and gross. I managed to lose 5kg whilst starting to walk my puppy (he is my little lifesaver). This dropped me down to 93kg; this is the weight I started the HCG journey on.

During the past 27 days of being on the HCG diet, I have lost 15kgs. I am down to 83kg and I only have 12 more to go before my goal weight! I have tried many diets before and this is the only one that I have enjoyed the only one which has shown results. I have had no hunger pains, I don’t feel like I am starving, and I haven’t had any headaches. I am so full of energy that even on the weekends I have to go for nice long walks with my colleagues. 

I won’t say it’s been easy and my willpower was tested at the beginning but I did it! I managed to get past the little evil voice inside my head telling me to give up, and now there is no way I am giving up! The HCG diet has changed my life around forever. I am exercising, eating healthy freshly prepared meals, I am back to my normal self, and I can go to a mall now without feeling fat and gross. I know that when I have finished taking the drops I will never go back to the weight I was, the HCG diet taught me how to make healthy meals and that eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring! Thanks to the HCG diet, I am a happy, confident 27-year-old girl, enjoying life and feeling great!

I have had 13 people in my inbox asking me about how they could get a hold of the HCG diet after they saw my before and after pictures. So, I have passed them on to this team. I have a handful of friends who have brought the diet from you after they saw my results. Thank you so much for bringing this product to us, you are changing so many people’s lives.  

– Amelly Kaye 

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