Watching My Waistline Grow

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Watching My Waistline Grow

I was embarking on an incredible path during my college life. The hours were long, the workload overwhelming and the daily stress over tests, reports, and exams a great deal. I had to practically let other areas of my life take a major backseat to finish my study. I was growing weary from exhaustion as I watched my waistline grow and the gray circles around my eyes become permanent.

After finishing college, I longed for independence, for social life without guilt, and a schedule with fewer responsibilities. But I got swept up for almost a year building my professional career, supporting my parents, and reconnecting with friends. All my energy, attention went outward. I was tired a lot and indulging too often. I was unhappy with my appearance and anxious about keeping up with friends.

I came to know about the HCG diet from a friend during my college days. She told me about what the diet has to offer, and how the diet can kick start a lifestyle change. She has had seen how the program works well for many dieters. But the program requires significant dedication, hard work, and ongoing effort and perseverance to achieve lasting results.

The HCG diet was very appealing for many reasons.

  • It would mean meal prep on my part, something that I used to enjoy but hadn’t been making a priority. Although dining out, was convenient, it was expensive. So, this diet would require me to stay at home and cook my meals- a time to rest and save money.
  • I’ve got the chance to detox my body from all the sugar, dairy, and gluten. These food items had helped me during my hectic schedule before but I wasn’t feeling as energized or clear-headed as I had. I often had indigestion issues, and I felt mentally, and physically sluggish.
  • The HCG Diet would have led me right to the path of health and wellness necessary to maintain my long-term goal.
  • Losing weight was one but gaining self-confidence was what I wanted to achieve.

I was ready to shift my focus inward and reestablish my relationship with my health. I was feeling nervous yet decided to make a major overhaul.

Loading days: I ate the fattiest meal I could get my hands on. Bacon, cheeseburger, pizza, and everything that I’m going to miss.  I started on a Friday and enjoyed my Saturday and Sunday indulging foods with friends and family.

Week one of a very low-calorie diet: Week one went well. I was amazed that I wasn’t hungry nor do I crave foods. I intentionally didn’t weight for the first 6 days and was surprised to see a drop in my weight at the end of the week.

Week two: I’m starting to notice some changes in my appearance. My energy, and mental clarity were at their highest. Despite the slowed digestion, I never felt bloated.

Week three: Eating almost the same kind of foods was not fun, and so do a lot of meal prep. Glad that I was nearing the end of the low-calorie phase. At the end of three weeks, I dropped a total of 20 pounds. 

My final thought…

It takes dedication, effort, and discipline if you truly wanted to make a lifestyle change and lose weight. The low-calorie phase is just 3 weeks short, but the real challenge starts when you re-introduce calories back into your diet.

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Watching My Waistline Grow