What is the HCG Diet?

HCG Injections

The HCG diet is a weight-loss plan that combines daily injections and very low-calorie restrictions per day. Dr. Albert T. Simeons claimed that the HCG regimen caused the body to preferentially burn stored fat, especially fat from the stomach, hips, and thighs. HCG dieters would lose more fat than muscle without feeling intense hunger pain or fatigue. 

Understanding What the HCG Diet is All About

The HCG diet is a rapid weight loss regimen that is used as a safer weight loss option for obese patients instead of doing weight loss surgery. It consists of four different phases that are planned properly for overall weight loss. While most weight loss program requires exercise, the HCG diet works even without an intense physical workout. It’s one of the reasons why the HCG diet is perfect for busy people who are trying to shed pounds.

What are the Benefits of HCG Injections?

  1. Burning of adipose tissue for energy. When injected, HCG forces the body to burn adipose tissue or fat. HCG injections can promote weight loss when combined with calorie-restrictive diets.
  2. Preserve muscle integrity. In addition to burning, fat, low- and very low-calorie diets can cut muscle mass. HCG helps preserve muscle tissue during the release of stored fat, which helps maintain muscle mass throughout their diet.
  3. Hormone regulation. In men, HCG increases libido by triggering the release of testosterone, which helps maintain hormonal balance. In addition, HCG helps women lose weight and maintain homeostasis by regulating estrogen levels.
  4. Energy boost. Lack of energy is a common problem, especially among dieters. With HCG injections, adipose tissue is stimulated to produce energy, resulting in a significant increase in energy levels within days.
  5. Lower cholesterol. When combined with a healthy, low-calorie diet, HCG can reduce blood cholesterol. Dieters can reduce the risk of heart disease by adopting healthier eating habits through short courses of HCG.
  6. Improved endurance. As a result of losing weight, dieters can exercise more easily and breathe more freely. HCG injections for weight loss also enhance endurance due to the preservation of muscle tissue. This help dieters use extra energy reserves to burn even more adipose tissue.

How does HCG Make You Lose Weight?

The HCG works on improving metabolic function and suppressing your appetite. The most effective weight loss programs feature very low-calorie diets. However, reducing calories leads to increased hunger, which can cause a diet to fail. As a result of very low-calorie diets, metabolic functions slow down, leading to fat storage rather than fat burning. HCG triggers the metabolism of fat for energy, which speeds up the metabolic rate and improves the chances of weight loss success.

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