The HCG diet Protocol: Why You Have to EXACTLY Follow It

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If you have been dieting and not losing weight, perhaps you are doing it wrong, or perhaps the diet you’ve chosen is not for you. There are tons of weight loss programs out there, from miracle drinks, magic pills to a dozen others of fad diet, and it’s hard to choose which one suits best for your needs.

The HCG Diet

The HCG Diet is a weight loss program that will allow you to lose up to a pound or two each day. Unlike other diets, the HCG diet is a short-term diet, and it’s very specific. It only lasts for 23 to 46 days, depending on which protocol type you choose. The HCG Diet combines the administration of daily HCG injections with a very low-calorie intake per day. What dieters lose isn’t just simple weight but unwanted fats. Unwanted fat is unhealthy and almost impossible to lose. In women, it accumulates mostly around the middle and thighs. In men, it accumulates around the belly and chest. Still, it’s extremely difficult to lose.

Now, what makes this diet-specific? According to the original protocol, Dr. Simeons talks about following specific rules for maximum weight loss. –

  • There are phases to follow. Each phase has its own rule, and every dieter must go through each phase.
  • Dieters must eat only the allowable foods in each phase consisting of chosen fruits, veggies, protein, and carb. The foods listed in each phase are there for a reason. Eating foods not allowed on the list can result in a stall.
  • Stick to the 500 calories intake per day.
  • You are only allowed to eat 100 grams of protein choice per meal.
  • Only two carb options are available, either Melba toast or Grissini stick.
  • NO sugar, oil, or fats allowed on the restricted calorie phase.
  • In the maintenance phase, you may introduce foods back into your diet, but there is a protocol to follow on this phase. Without following the protocol, you’ll end up gaining the weight back.

Long-term weight loss results

The HCG Diet is not only designed to kick-start your way into healthy eating, but it is also designed for a long-term result after you have lost them. You’ll notice that your food cravings vanish after the diet. You will feel lighter and be able to keep the weight off for good for a long time. 

What happens if you will not follow the protocol

Two things will happen if you will not follow the protocol. Either you will not lose weight or you will not lose the maximum amount of weight that you are supposed to lose. Sometimes, not following may also result in weight gain, and this is not entirely unusual. Anytime you stray from the protocol, your weight loss slows down anywhere from 3 to 6 days.

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