Having an Abnormal Weight at a Very Young Age

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Having an Abnormal Weight at a Very Young Age

HCG Diet is dedicated to helping people lose weight and is more than happy to share the success of hundreds of patients who have had life-changing weight loss journeys. Here is my story:

At a very young age, my weight has always been something I struggled with. At the age of seven, I started gaining abnormal weight and I have been overweight ever since. At 14, I lost a significant amount of weight but I was unable to keep it off. When I turned 21, my eating habits had spiraled out of control and I hit my high of 220 pounds. My body felt terrible at that time. With my weight, I had no energy, no endurance for physical activity, and was suffering from sleep apnea because of being overweight. I can’t even get along with my friends and classmates because of my status. But some of my friends encourage me to go to the gym with them and try the diet they’re doing.

In February of 2017 when I was 23, I decided to take control of my life. Through my Mom and her friends, I heard about HCG Diet and HCG Injections. She told me that one of her friends had tremendous success through their HCG program and highly encouraged me to check into it. I came to this website and read everything – from recipes, and blogs, to success stories. I messaged their customer service and I found them very knowledgeable and helpful on the subject of weight loss. Through studying my weight and health, I learned some of what caused me to gain so much weight at a very young age. I also learned why was I not able to keep off the weight that I had a drop before. The information they have in their blogs is extremely helpful in learning how to plan a balanced meal, and return to normal eating, without suffering setbacks and weight gain.

I started the HCG diet program in March 2017, at 230 pounds. After 3 months and a week, I weigh 185 pounds and I feel amazing! I have more energy than I have had since I can remember, I can run with my dogs for long periods, without almost collapsing, and best of all I like what I see in the mirror now. I can even have a great time with my friends and I can now join them where they go, even at the gym. I do not doubt the success I had from the HCG Diet. It prevented me from a lifetime and ill health, and premature death from obesity. Get your HCG Diet Kit now and begin your weight loss journey!

– Sierra, Canada

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