Third Trimester Pregnancy Problems

Third Trimester Pregnancy Problems

Third-trimester pregnancy can be tiring and uncomfortable. It can be physically and emotionally challenging. The size and position of your baby might make it hard for you to get comfortable. Below are some of the most common problems that occur during third-trimester pregnancy.

1. Preeclampsia 

This is a major complication that needs immediate treatment. If appropriate treatment is not given, it may result in eclampsia or seizure and failure of the kidneys. The symptoms of Preeclampsia are protein in the urine, high blood pressure, swelling of the hands and feet because of water retention, and being obese

2. Preterm Labor

This is one of the most common complications during their trimester pregnancy. You may go through preterm labor when you begin to have contractions before the usual maturity period of pregnancy. Look out for signs like the urge to urinate more often, pain in the lower back, discharge from the vagina, and tightness in the vagina. 

3. Placental Abruption

In some rare cases, even before the start of labor, the placenta and uterus separate. This is a very serious condition in which the baby may die inside the mother’s womb. While the exact cause for this condition is unknown, the factors that can increase the risk of placental abruption are diabetes, drinking alcohol and smoking, high blood pressure, twin pregnancies, or a short umbilical cord.

4. Insomnia

Some pregnant women may experience insomnia from the very beginning; but for most, sleep problems during pregnancy in the third trimester are more pronounced. The first cause for sleepless nights is the bulging stomach which makes it difficult for pregnant women to toss and turn comfortably. Another very important reason is the effect of the estrogen hormone which is secreted more in the last trimester.

5. Gestational Diabetes

During pregnancy, the body may not be able to capably use insulin due to hormonal changes. Consequently, blood sugar levels tend to increase. While it does not pose any risk for the mother, it can be unsafe for the growing fetus inside. This condition leads to the unnecessary growth of the fetus which may lead to requiring a cesarean delivery. The only way to prevent or combat gestational diabetes is through lifestyle changes by the expectant mother. 

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How To Prevent Pregnancy Problems?

When a woman finds out she is going to become a mother, there is nothing more she wants than a healthy pregnancy. Following these guidelines for a healthy pregnancy will be sure to lessen the chance of any pregnancy complications:

  • Attend appointments regularly
  • Make your health a priority
  • Avoid harmful foods
  • Maintain a healthy weight 

Using HCG to Maintain Healthy Weight and Be Healthy during Pregnancy 

A pregnant woman’s weight is a make-or-break factor when it comes to pregnancy complication prevention. Overeating, eating too many sugary foods, acquiring diabetes, and being obese in general are all possible triggers for certain complications. 

One of the roles of HCG in pregnancy is to increase metabolism by allowing the fact that the pregnant woman has stored to be accessible to her during the famine. The fat stores can be broken down by the HCG and used as food for her and the baby. This ensures a healthy full-term pregnancy. How HCG is different than other diet programs is that it is short-term, the results are upfront, participants eat real food, muscle mass is maintained, and it burns cellulite.

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