Instant Reshape After Injury

HCG Injections

Instant Reshape After Injury

In early 2018, I suffered from a back injury that was caused by an accident. Being in a hospital for months and getting therapy at home after made me gain weight. I gained just over 30kgs. With not being able to exercise, lots of not-so-good food choices, medications, and stress, the weight came on pretty quickly. There were times that I felt anxious and depressed because I can’t do the things I’m doing right before the accident happen. 

During my hospital days, I had a friend there who have the same injury as me. Both of us gained weight. A friend of hers visited once and I was jealous of her figure. In my mind, if only I didn’t have an injury, I can achieve that figure. Before the accident happen, I’m regular at the gym and somehow strict with my food choices, but then the thing happened. I know that a lot of people will tell me now that I’m done with my therapy “just go back to the gym” wherein I can’t because of my back injury.

I contacted my hospital friend and asked her about the diet of her friend and decided to give it a go since I can’t do heavy things, especially at the gym as I was over being depressed about the extra weight I was carrying and the size of my clothes.

My first round of HCG was in April of 2019, and at the end of my maintenance phase, I lost 13kgs. I decided to do another round this year, and I’ve just finished with a loss of 18kgs. I’m super pleased with my overall weight loss. I’ve had a lot of compliments, and it feels so good when people notice. With my weight loss, my back pain has pretty much gone and I have a lot more energy and confidence, dropping 2 dress sizes! I loved how fast HCG worked and was pleased with the support offered online. 

The HCG recipes also had great meal ideas, and I certainly had my favorites. I am way more experimental with herbs and spices and more appreciative of the different flavors you can create with them rather than buying processed foods and sauces. I did find it was easier to do HCG with other people for that extra support and to share meal ideas, so if you can find someone to do it with I recommend you do it if you can.

Thank you so much to the HCG diet for helping me on my journey and if you are reading this, all the best on yours! You’ve got this!

 – Beckie Jeane, US 


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