From 94kg to 82kg because of HCG Diet

HCG Injections

From 94kg to 82kg because of HCG Diet

When I was a kid up until my teen years, I’m very careless. Unfortunately, even being an adult I’m still like that. I even had an accident on my way to work and spend my 8 months with crutches on. And with that, the weight went on. Luckily, I managed to curb it eventually and went on to my usual weight. 

At the age of 27, just 2 years after the accident happened, I got pregnant with my first child and I had constant morning sickness. The only thing that prevented me from being sick was lots of ginger beer and ginger nut biscuits. Let’s just say that I ballooned up to 94kg by the time I was due. 

After giving birth, I eventually managed to get down to around 85kg but wasn’t happy with myself. I went to the gym each day while I could as well as ate as healthily as possible while being a full-time employee and mom but I couldn’t shake the weight.

Two and a half years later, I got pregnant with my second child and I ended up getting really sick with pre-eclampsia and toxemia combined with more constant morning sickness. Having had such a rough time with it, I turned to food for comfort. I was constantly eating something, even if it was fruit and veggies but my main thing was cakes and biscuits.

3 years on and I was back to 94.5kg. I tried cutting down on the cakes, biscuits, and sweets combined with smaller portions and more regular exercise but nothing was working. Nothing was fitting either so I was getting pretty desperate. I felt like a beached whale that didn’t like to look at herself in the mirror. During this time, I started working at a small family business where I met someone who was in the same sort of situation weight-wise as me. This person then proceeded to lose an incredible amount of weight in a rather short time on an amazingly strict diet. I asked her what that diet was and found out about Dr. Simeon and the HCG Diet.

I did some research on the HCG Diet and found a manuscript that I printed off to read. I was really keen to get started as I was sure it would work. I couldn’t wait to get the drops so I could start loading and get into it. I never realized that loading would be so hard! I am so glad I did stick with it though. By the end of my first week, I had lost 4kg! I couldn’t believe it and neither could my husband. By the end of my second week, I had lost 7.5kg. Surprisingly enough, I wasn’t at all hungry!

I think the hardest thing about this program is being able to schedule the time to cook meals for my husband and myself that we can eat on the program. And I’m cooking totally separate meals for my kids, my husband, and mine at the same time. Well, my husband also purchased the HCG injections. He witnessed amazing results in just a few days.

I’ve still got 8 days to go before I go into maintenance but surprisingly all I am craving is lots of fresh fruit and yogurt. It’s amazing how much this experience can change your taste buds and eating habits. I’m not even really tempted by the things that my kids can eat such as vegetable fingers! I think I will have to do a second course as soon as I can as I’m only down to 82kg with 8 days to go. But I cannot wait to see where I end up as I’ve lost a total of 44cm so far around my bust, waist, hips, thighs, and arms. You all need to try using HCG Injections if you want to cut down that extra weight!

– Jessica, US

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