Gained 28kgs during Pregnancy

HCG Injections

Gained 28kgs during Pregnancy

I had my first child in 2020 and my weight was up and down all the time, well mostly up. I gained 28kgs during my pregnancy and while I wasn’t overly concerned about my excess weight, as time wore on, it became apparent that I’d better do something but I didn’t. Not until late last year, I finally realized that I needed to be healthy for not only myself but for my child.

I used to fear the weekends because, after a full-on week at work, I’d be exhausted by the end of it. I was afraid of needing to find activities to entertain my child, and as a solo parent, the prospect of being able to do something as simple as sleep, was non-existent. I knew I was feeling this way because of my excess weight and my eating habits! Don’t get me wrong, I was never a junk food addict, I just ate at the wrong times of the day and was not exercising at all.

One day I had enough. I started walking to work, and up a hill, but I had a long way to go! Luckily, my best friend’s boyfriend has tried a diet called HCG which had amazing results. I look into it online and read everything – what is, how it works, and how it is used. I tried purchasing HCG Injections online and followed the protocol. Amazingly, just after a few weeks of following the phases of the diet, I saw results right away! It changed my life! 

I’m a radio announcer, and largely, the show I host focuses on life & style, health and wellness, and since I was already sharing much of my journey on air, and because I truly enjoy inspiring others to be the best people they can be, I thought it would be so awesome to do the HCG diet on air, and help others to lose weight and get healthy!

Waking every morning to weigh in was so exciting! I lost 6.5kgs in the first few days, and all up, I lost 15kgs in 26 days! It gave me the kickstart I needed to help me get up that big hill with much more ease! The boyfriend of my best friend is also a huge advocate of HCG, and it was so very rewarding when listeners would call us to ask questions because they heard about it on air, or come in to talk to us in person, or, like in many cases, pick up the phone to order their kits! I love creating positive change in others, in my small way.

Now, I had an enormous amount of energy and felt awesome! I found the protocol so easy to follow, and keeping it simple was the best thing to do. I also found that it taught me so much about portion control. 

Eating only what you need, when your body needs it. HCG also taught me that meals were a part of my day, not the highlight. It would make me giggle so much when I would go to have lunch and be finished in 2 minutes. 

And most importantly, I came to love my weekends again with my child. I had so much energy to run around with my growing baby, and doing things all day every day was an absolute joy! HCG was the greatest and it became the best reward for me, being a better and healthier person for the little human who means the absolute world to me! – Mila, UK


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Gained 28kgs during Pregnancy