HCG Diet: A Story from Kath

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HCG Diet: A Story from Kath

I put on so much weight after having my first baby and being stressed at work. I even avoided having any photos taken of me which meant not having a photo with my child in his first 2 years. I did not have any stamina that I couldn’t even carry my child for more than a few minutes. My weight affects my entire life. But with the help of my friends, I’ve heard about the HCG Diet and thought that this would be my last chance, and if it won’t work, nothing would.

After hearing about the HCG, I researched and read a lot before trying them. I also made sure that I weighed and measured everything meticulously. I followed all the instructions about the diet and even went so far as avoiding cooking for my family in case I accidentally touched some butter or oil. I found it easy not having to think about food, having only two ingredients on each meal, and not being hungry at all. The kilos and centimeters dropped right away which encouraged me to keep going.

In the first round of diet, I released 18kgs and 15kgs on the second. I enjoyed measuring myself and being surprised by the changes. Who would have thought that the HCG diet has a great result as this! I’m truly grateful that I’ve found out about this through my friends. Though at first, transitioning to regular eating was scary, but the food just tasted so good! Salads and vegetables, protein, and good fats are just amazing!

The biggest change I found about myself and as a mom was to my mental and emotional health, which was a surprise. It was as if the kilos I released also carried away negativity and bad feelings, leaving only happiness behind. Now, I’m glad to share photos with my child. If I got the chance to have a photo, I grab my camera and click it. It’s wonderful to compare what life once was like, to how great it is now – all thanks to HCG Diet!

To all women out there who happened to have a similar story as mine, be motivated by my story. HCG Diet will help you not just lose weight, but also improve your mental and emotional wellbeing. HCG Diet has lots of benefits, for example:

  • Overall health boost means that you can sleep better, breathe better, and be more active.
  • Lessens your risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
  • You’ll have a better diet that helps you eliminate your cravings for sugar and focuses on vegetables and lean proteins.
  • HCG balances your hormones. Your weight loss struggle could be connected to your hormones. If they aren’t balanced, your whole system can be thrown off. By using HCG, your hormone levels will be back on track and will do their job on your body more effectively.

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HCG Diet: A Story from Kath