Finding the Right Dose of Your HCG Injections

HCG Injections

It can be pretty overwhelming when you are new to HCG diet. It’s like the answer that you are seeking for when everything fails and nothing else seems to work. But sometimes the diet can make you feel a bit intimidating when you encounter things like “iu’s”, “bac water” and “syringe”. For some, this can be hard in the beginning. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The good news is- I have a great tip for you today- it’s about finding the right dose of your HCG injections in your syringe.

Tip #1: The numbers on the syringe

The syringe of your injection holds whatever you are going to inject into your body. It has numbers written on it and hash marks that indicate how much the syringe can hold.  The numbers on the syringe indicate the “units”. 100 units = to 1cc or 1 ml.

Most often, the syringe size that comes along with the hormone diet kit is 30 unit syringes or .3 cc/ ml, 50 units or .5cc/ ml and 100 unit syringes or 1cc/ ml. The numbers written in the syringes can be:

  • 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30… or
  • .1, .15, .20, .25, .30

Technically, the numbers are the same. .1 is the same as 10 and .15 is the same as 15.

Tip #2: Finding the right dose on the syringe

For 1:1 ratio mixture (5,000IU of hCG with 5 ml of bacteriostatic water or bac water)

  • 25iu dose = 12.5 units (or .125)
  • 150iu dose = 15 units (or .15)
  • 175 iu dose = 17.5 units (or .17)
  • 200 iu dose = 20 units (or .20)
  • 225iu dose = 22.5 units (or .22)
  • 250 iu dose = 25 units (or .25)

For 2:1 ratio mixture (5,000IU of hCG with 10 ml of bac water)

  • 125iu dose = 25 units (or .25)
  • 150iu dose = 30 units (or .30)
  • 175 iu dose = 35 units (or .35)
  • 200 iu dose = 40 units (or .40)
  • 225iu dose = 45 units (or .45)
  • 250 iu dose = 50 units (or .5)

More about how to mix your HCG dosage here…

Tip #3: Keeping the air bubbles out

Hold your HCG bottle upside down to draw the HCG mixture into the syringe. Make sure that there are no bubbles formed as you draw the hormone into the syringe. If there are bubbles, simply put the hormones back into the vial and try again.

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