HCG Diet Review 24: 51 Pounds Loss in 2 Rounds of HCG Injections

HCG Injections

HCG Diet Review 24: 51 Pounds Loss in 2 Rounds of HCG Injections

Jessie’s story on the HCG diet is one of our favorite. She lost 51 pounds in 2 rounds of HCG injections and she is absolutely glowing now.

Hi. My name is Jessie and here is my story to inspire you. I have lost a total of 51 pounds with 2nd rounds of HCG injection and now I feel great and more confident than ever. I was the “chubby one” in our class. But what can I do-eating gives me happiness. I’m happy whenever I eat my favorite sugary treats.

When I had kids it got even harder. My weight went up by 25 pounds- from 190 to 215 pounds and my self-esteem low. I have tried looking for a way to lose weight but nothing works for me. I was on a bed rest due to some health issues and I’ve gained even more. My weight shot up to an unbelievable 221 pounds!

Then a friend recommended me HCG diet. Naturally, I was skeptical at first but I said to myself “what have I got to lose?” So I searched for hcg-injections.com. I was amazed at what the HCG injections can offer. I read the success stories too and found it to be unbelievable. I mean seriously… Are the stories really true? But despite being skeptical I still order for 1 round. I was so desperate to lose weight. I needed an extreme change to be healthy.

Although there are lots of restrictions in the protocol they’re doable. It was just hard for me to eat only 500 calories a day at the beginning. But a week after I started with the diet I felt better about myself. I’m feeling more confident and I felt like I had control over my goal. I can’t believe I lost 11 pounds during my first week. It’s really amazing. Now I can say all those stories I’ve read were true.

I was 27 pounds lighter during my first round. I decided to continue with my hcg diet second round and I lost another 24 pounds. Now I’m weighing 170 pounds. It has been the best thing I have ever done!

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