10 Years Younger

HCG Injections

10 Years Younger

I Feel 10 Years Younger Because of HCG Diet

I am 46 years old, a mother of four children, and an entrepreneur. I run a business with my husband. Needless to say, my life was quite busy and somewhat stressful. I was constantly sluggish, exhausted, and sensitive. I felt like I could never handle everything on my plate. My eyes were puffy and my energy waning. For years, I turned to foods for comfort and extra energy. My weight peak at its highest, 210 pounds!

I had been hearing about the HCG Diet two years ago from a friend but it didn’t catch my interest. For me, it was an extreme diet and I don’t think I can survive restricting my calorie intake nor follow the protocols by heart given my very busy schedule. My wake-up call was a year ago when I noticed that something was not right with my body, my health, and how I felt every day. I knew right then and there that I need to change something. I need to make a drastic change to cope with everything on my plate.

I remember about the HCG diet and have searched for a weight loss clinic that offers an HCG diet plan. I found a few near my place, but they are way too expensive. Besides, the insurance company doesn’t cover the HCG Diet. An initial consultation will cost you around $150 and you have to pay about $10 or more for each injection. They also encourage the use of appetite suppressants and that’s another payment. So, it could get you anywhere from $500 to $1000 or more. That’s too much for a diet and I’d rather go for a workout.

Then again, I do not have all the time I needed to lose weight by working out, so I searched for HCG diet websites online. I found out that a month’s kit will only cost you around $140 and that’s pretty cheap compared with the ones being offered in weight loss clinics. I’ve also read a couple of testimonials and blogs, and I’ve even read the original manuscript of Dr. Simeons.

It took me two weeks to get myself and my mind ready. I’ve got my hormone injection online at a very low price and yes, they are high-grade hormones. Why? I have seen significant weight loss results using the hormones I’ve ordered online. I followed the protocol, though I’ve chosen to use the 700 calories a day from the start.

Significant improvements I’ve seen as a result of doing the HCG Diet

  1. Feeling and looking 10 years younger
  2. Losing 35 pounds
  3. Feelings of empowerment and in control of my life and body.

With only two rounds and I felt remarkably better. I have never felt this way for years, and I was full of energy. I feel like I have turned back the clock 10 years. I have not only dropped a huge amount of weight, but I was healthier than ever.

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