Breaks Between Each Round of the HCG Diet

Breaks Between Each Round of the HCG Diet

How long do I need to wait before I can start with another round?

This is a very common question that most HCG dieters ask. Don’t get too excited. I know you want to get rid of those excess weights and get that beautiful body thing faster. However, there is a waiting time and it’s very important to DO the waiting time for its part of the hcg diet protocol. You can’t past the 23 days or the 46 days in a row.

Each round of HCG diet goes anywhere from a minimum of 23 days to a maximum of 46 days. You start with loading days (2 days) then Phase 2-Very low calorie diet phase (3-26 days or 3-46 days). When the main part of the diet is complete, there is a lock-in period of 3 weeks. This is the Phase 3 or the Maintenance phase (3 weeks). You have to complete each phase of the protocol. Once Phase 3 is complete you must wait a minimum of 6 weeks before you start with your second round. You can do multiple rounds to hit your goal weight.  Now when you do multiple rounds your break must be lengthened each time.

Waiting time for each round of the hCG diet as per Dr. Simeons instruction

Round 1 to Round 2:      6 weeks total

Round 2 to Round 3:      8 weeks total

Round 3 to Round 4:    10 weeks total

Round 4 to Round 5:    12 weeks total

2 weeks is added for every successive round. The amount of excess fats you need to shed will determine the number of rounds you should complete.

Remember, waiting time is VERY important. Why?

If you skip this break and start right away with your next round, you will see no further weight loss. According to Dr. Simeon, some dieter seemed to develop immunity to the hormone. When your body becomes immune to the effect of the hormone your weight loss will start to decrease. But once you take a break between each round your body will renew and you’ll likely to lose a lot of weight on your next round.

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