Common Errors People Make During their 500 Calorie HCG Diet

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Dr. Simeons stressed out in his book that even a small deviation in the protocol can slow your weight loss. So before you begin with the protocol read Dr. Simeons hcg diet protocol. Be familiar with every detail of each phase.

Here are the common errors many hcg dieters encounter during the 500 calories hcg diet.

  1. Not loading well on gorging days– Before you start with your VLCD you need to binge well on high-fat foods until your third shot of HCG. Though it seems counter-intuitive it’s important that your fat stores are full before you begin.
  2. Using the wrong spice– Some spices are mixtures of different ingredients not allowed on the HCG diet. This includes sugars, oils and starches. Before using any spices to spice up your food read the ingredients list carefully. Make sure that they are HCG approved spices.
  3. Using gums and mints– Mints and chewing gum even those that are sugar-free are off-limits.
  4. Drinking diet soda – Though diet soda may have zero calories it’s the other ingredients that can slow your weight loss off. Diet soda does not contain the actual sugar that you know but it contains other forms of sugar like aspartame that can cause a stall in your hcg diet.
  5. Dining out– Foods in the restaurants have sugars and other additives that can stall your weight loss. If you can’t really avoid dining out at least keep it to a minimum. It’s important that you prepare your own meals so that you are certain that you follow strictly the protocol.
  6. Weighing your protein portion after cooking– Well, you should weight your protein choices raw. And it should be 3.5 oz or 100 grams.
  7. Eating the same protein for lunch and dinner– It’s important to vary your protein option during your VLCD.
  8. Weighing at different times each day– Weight yourself at around the same time every day. Ideally, you should weight after urinating in the morning before breakfast.
  9. Getting dehydrated– For optimum weight loss drink adequate water every day. But do not overdo.
  10. Using of Oil-based beauty products– What you put on your skin is absorbed by your body just like what you put in your body. So, avoid oil-based cosmetics, lotions and other oil-based hygiene products.
  11. Mixing your vegetablesIs Mixing of Vegetables on Phase 2 of HCG diet a YES or a NO? Mixing vegetables aren’t actually allowed while you’re on a VLCD. But some people can lose weight even when mixing vegetables. If you want to mix yours, keep in mind in the event your weight loss stops.

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