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Weight loss is possible through a lot of modalities but exercise and simply counting calories is not enough. You need the right weight loss boost like the Lipotropic B12 injection to jump start your weight loss. Lipotropic B12 injection a.k.a “Lipo shot” is a great weight loss booster. It’s a revolutionary non-invasive treatment that burns fat by enhancing the rate of metabolism.

How Lipo shot works?

You have learned that Lipo shot contains a high dose of essential nutrients to boost your weight loss such as the fat-blasting compound vitamin B12 and MIC- a combination of methionine, choline, and inositol. Now, the question is, do Lipo shots really work with weight loss? If it works, then how does it work?

Lipo shot is designed to target the liver, one of the major organs in your body that processes fats. It stimulates the liver by optimizing the metabolic process. The enhanced ingredients in the Lipo shot when used along with the HCG Diet give your body a boost so it can get rid of unwanted fat more easily. This allows your body to lose weight more quickly. However, this shot is not an overnight magic pill that will help you lose an additional 20 pounds. It is therefore vital that you set a realistic goal weight along with strictly following HCG Diet protocol so you can safely shed unwanted pounds.

How Lipo shot impact weight loss?

The Lipo shot does not literally do the weight loss or fat burning, but they are the key steps needed to optimize the biochemical aspect of your metabolism. The different fat-blasting components of the Lipo shot will give your body a push and will allow it to cooperate and react with your weight loss efforts. The Lipo shot will help you maintain your energy level and support healthy fat burning while you’re on the 500 calories of the HCG Diet.

The combined effect of Lipo shot ingredients and the HCG pro-hormone encourages and supports healthy removal of fat from all around your body including your liver. The overall outcome is more weight loss. Without these essential nutrients in your HCG Diet, fat and bile can build up in your liver causing your metabolism to slow down and an array of health problems.

How much Lipo shot to inject?

The suggested dose is 1ml of Lipotropic B12 injection once a week, preferably on the same day each week. The injection is given in the arms or other areas in the body that contains more fat tissues like the abdomen, thigh, or buttocks using an insulin syringe.

The effect of the Lipo shot is simply temporary. As it wears off, your body’s metabolism will return to normal. For a more enhanced weight loss result, you can have two shots a week until you reach your weight loss goal. Since you have the HCG hormone in your system, one dose a week is enough.

What are the side effects of using Lipo shot during weight loss?

To balance out the benefit it is also wise that you get to know the possible side effects of lipo shot. Keep in mind that there are no big risks associated with having Lipo shots for weight loss. Several dieters who use this fat-burning injection complained about having the following minor side effects:

  • An upset stomach
  • Urinary problems
  • Pain or tenderness at the injection site
  • Exhaustion from lipo shot

This fat-fighting cocktail can put a strain on the kidney especially if you are not properly hydrated. When your body’s metabolism is up, your digestive tract is also working at a higher level. This increased workload contributes to exhaustion. However, these side effects are rare. If there is, it’s just temporary and will subside quickly.

What to expect?

  • Noticeable boost of energy: You’ll get a noticeable boost in energy after injection. If your body is missing essential nutrients that support the metabolic process, the Lipo shot will help jump start your weight loss by providing your body with the missing essential nutrient.
  • Reduced appetite: Lipo shot can effectively reduce appetite as it increases your body’s natural fat-burning processes. When used with the HCG Diet, you can naturally shed pounds without having to experience hunger pains and cravings. 
  • Preserved lean muscle mass: Lipo shot helps preserve lean muscle tissue which further enhances your metabolism while giving your body a fat-burning boost.
  • Enhance overall wellness: The fat-blasting B vitamins that aids in weight loss also provides several health benefits including:
    • A balanced mood
    • Improved mental clarity
    • Improved concentration
    • Memory boost
    • Healthy liver
    • Healthy skin, hair, and nails

Treatment with Lipotropic B12 shot works best when paired with a healthy diet program such as the HCG Diet. Like all weight loss supplements, do not use this shot as a weight-loss tool on its own. Again, this is not a magic pill that you can take during the night and expect results the next day without exerting any efforts.

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