Hungry During the First Few Days of 500 Calorie Diet

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Is it going to be difficult?

Yes. Anything you do that is different from what you are used with will be difficult. But as long as you follow the protocol you will succeed. Research shows that it takes about 21 days to develop a habit. That means to say it will only take you 21 days to start the habit of eating healthy. So better make your healthy food choice a habit and not just a trial or a temporary option.

Having to survive with only 500 calories a day is no joke. Your first few days can be pretty hard but after some time your brain’s hypothalamus and your body will adjust.  Any psychological effect such as mood swing and physical effects like headaches will start to lessen. You will also experience some withdrawal from not eating sugar and carbs which can be stressful. So try doing things that will keep your mind busy. Take a walk or learn a new skill so you’ll not get fixated on your diet.

Your transition can be difficult. You’ll experience some hunger pains that are unavoidable. Since your body is used to having high sugar and carbs then your body will ask more for it. Your brain will send a signal and inform your body that it needs more energy. You can also experience a small amount of fatigue and headache during your first few days of 500 calorie diet. You can take aspirin as advised by Dr. Simeons. But after few days your headache will go away.

On your third or fourth day of 500 calorie diet, your appetite will significantly reduce because of the hCG hormone. You’ll start to feel fine and you won’t feel much hungrier at all. Your body will get accustomed to your diet transition and you’ll get all the energy that you need from your stored fats. You’ll probably feel like you even have more energy than you did before the diet. Remember that hcg is providing you with the majority of the energy you’ll need. Remember that hunger is psychological. Just be positive.

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